How Wayne Rooney and Jamie Vardy got caught up in the battle for Wagata, including their VERY awkward conversation

WAGATHA husbands Wayne Rooney and Jamie Vardy have engaged in a war of words during a spectacular libel battle.

England record holder Wayne, 36, vehemently branded his former teammate Jamie, 35, a “bottler” for failing to come forward as a witness.


Wayne and Jamie had their own row during Wagata’s trial.

He criticized after Jamie, the Leicester City striker, accused Wayne of “talking bullshit” following his testimony in London’s High Court.

Former Manchester United player Wayne, who now captains DC United’s MLS team, said he spoke to his Euro 2016 teammate to force his “fame-hungry” wife into submission.

The former skipper from England agreed to an “awkward” conversation after the “Three Lions”, then-boss Roy Hodgson, expressed concern.

Rooney said they sat down in the team’s games room for a heart to heart chat.

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Testifying during a libel battle, he said: “As a captain, I was asked to speak with Mr. Vardy on matters relating to his wife.

“England manager Roy Hodgson and assistant Gary Neville asked me as captain to speak to him and I followed their instructions.

“We all knew when we talked about it that it was an uncomfortable topic.

“I agreed to speak with Mr. Vardy and asked him to speak to his wife so that she would calm down and not raise unnecessary questions from the field.

“I was embarrassed to talk to a teammate about his wife.

“We sat in our games room – there were darts, billiards and table tennis.

“Mr Vardy had a can of Red Bull and I had coffee and I remember the conversation I had with him because it was such an awkward moment.”

Rooney told how Becky never left FaceTime during the tournament and was practically a member of the team.

The former striker, who scored 53 goals for his country, said: “I was thinking about more serious things.

“It was a strange moment for me when I was talking to Jamie about his wife, but I thought it was necessary because the England manager asked me to talk to Jamie.

“I knew it was an awkward situation for me and for Mr. Vardy, but in the interest of the team, at the request of the manager, I followed his instructions.


“It was said among the players and management that no one would be distracted.

“It wasn’t legal… but we didn’t need paper columns or articles.

“It was a conversation between us as players.”

The conversation between the two players took place on the eve of England’s embarrassing 2-1 loss to Iceland.

Vardy, who was in court watching his former teammate testify, left with his wife Becky at lunchtime and did not return.

He later issued a statement saying, “Wayne is talking nonsense.

“He must be confused because he never spoke to me about the issues regarding Becky’s work with the media at Euro 2016. There was nothing to talk about.

“I know this because I discuss everything with Becky.”

Rooney hit back and branded Vardy a “chicken” for testifying and not having the courage to come to the witness stand under oath.

A source told Kristen Bell Tattoos: “Wayne feels like Jamie spilled this by not going to the witness stand and saying what he wanted to say under oath.

“So he could be cross-examined, like Wayne, about the veracity of what he said.

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“Instead, he just said whatever he wanted outside of court and disappeared with Becky, who the court was later told was feeling unwell.”

Under cross-examination of Rebecca’s lawyer, Hugh Tomlinson QC, Mr Rooney insisted: “I’m sitting here under oath. I spoke 100 percent with Mr. Vardy.”

Wayne claimed he was asked to talk to Jamie about Rebecca.


Wayne claimed he was asked to talk to Jamie about Rebecca.Credit: Mega agency
Jamie quickly dismissed the claims


Jamie quickly dismissed the claimsCredit: Enterprise

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