Howard Stern nearly contacted Joan Rivers

Howard Stern and Joan Rivers had a bond. The two comedic geniuses shared a love for their work and the greatest respect for each other. So much so that Howard was asked to speak at Joan Rivers’ funeral. His eulogy in her honor was called “perfect.”and this is what he shared bits and pieces on his famous SiriusXM radio show. Joan has, of course, been a regular on The Howard Stern Show in all of its incarnations. This means that the late great Jeanne supported Howard during his days as a shock shocker and as one of the best celebrity interviewers ever.


In the days when Howard Stern feuded with numerous famous people, Joan was on his side. In his short show on Channel 9 in 1990, she even called Howard a “genius.” And it was at this moment that Howard revealed to the world that he almost got along with Joan… Yes, Howard and Joan almost had something. However, there is a big catch …

Howard played Joan about trying to get to know her

During 1990 interview on The Howard Stern Show on Channel 9, a radio legend told of how he stumbled upon Joan Rivers. Next to Joan and Howard were his co-host Robin Quivers and his mom, Ray Stern, who couldn’t help but wonder why Joan wasn’t attracted to her son. While Howard bumped into Joan and tried to sleep with her, it was for a hidden camera prank for his show. All for a laugh. But like Howard in the old days, he really tried to figure out how far he could get with her in a personal moment backstage at The Joan Rivers Show.

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“What I did to you with a hidden camera, let’s get to that first,” Howard said to Joan after she chatted with his mom on the show. “I rarely thought, I swear, deep down I thought I really liked you.”

“Joan knows you’re a married man, Howard,” Howard’s mom said Rae.

“Quite right,” Joan replied.

“What crossed your mind when I bumped into you?” Howard asked the famous comedian.

“I thought it was supposed to be a joke,” Joan said. Knowing Howard, I knew we were in for a joke.

“Sexually, do you find me unattractive?” Howard asked before Joan said he wasn’t attracted to her: “Why am I not attracted?”

“Because you look like Barbara Streisand.”

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What happened when Howard pranked Joan by walking up to her?

So what exactly happened when Howard bumped into Joan. The radio legend explained that the hidden camera prank took place behind the scenes of the former Joan Rivers show.

“I took Joan to a hidden camera room and came across it,” Howard said.

In the recording, Howard introduces Joan to his entourage and then asks them to leave. After explaining to her what he was going to do on the show, Howard confided in Joan, saying that he and his wife had gone through “some weird things.” Having said this, he asked her out on a date. Joan’s answer to this …? Laugh.

“She gets up and starts walking away,” Howard told the audience as he watched the tape. “By the way, she ran away, you might have thought that I farted or something!”

“You’re a very nice person and a very attractive man, Howard, but you’re just not my type.”

After Joan sat down again and explained to him that he was not her type, he pointed to the hidden camera, which made her laugh even harder.

Howard Stern truly adored Joan Rivers

Jokes aside, Howard truly loved Joan. Not only did she think she was a great comedian and guest on his show, he even cried like a baby when she passed away, according to CNN.

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In 2020, almost six years after her tragic death, Howard remembered his relationship with Joan. He claimed that she “has a special place” in his heart. One of the reasons was that Joan came to his show when he was an outcast in Hollywood due to his shock lifestyle.

“She was the first to invite me to her home,” Howard said. “No celebrity has ever invited me to her home.”

After her death, Howard admitted that he was “shocked” by this. While his attempt to communicate with her was purely a comedic goal, it was not completely fake. Even if there was no romantic or physical attraction, Howard was madly in love with her and constantly wanted her to be around.

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