Howard Stern offended these celebrities who later became his friends

Howard Stern made many enemies. While he built his career as the sharpest man on earth radio throughout the 1980s and 1990s, earning millions of dollars and even more fans, he also pissed off a lot of celebrities. No doubt Howard enjoyed disrupting the lifestyle of the rich and famous. He rarely missed an opportunity to voice the hypocrisy of those in Hollywood. The fans loved him for that. At the time, they were mostly working class and took pleasure when Howard shouted celebrities. Sometimes it was deserved, but sometimes he fell into unnecessary enmity because of his outright meanness.

However, Howard has undergone a tremendous personal and creative evolution over the past two decades. While he doesn’t shy away from hitting one or two celebrities … ahem … ahem … Aaron Rogers and Simon Cowell, he has actually repaired quite a few bridges that he once burned. Of course, his move from terrestrial to satellite radio definitely inspired a change. While some of Howard’s old fans left him due to this evolution, others love that he became close to some of the famous people he used.

eight Jon Bon Jovi

Howard and Jon Bon Jovi’s relationship started off well enough, but as soon as his famous rock band started promoting their work at a rival radio station, Howard began beating him up. In fact, in the early 1990s, they were sworn enemies. Howard felt betrayed and lashed out at him, which made John do the same. However, the late Sam Kinison overcame the gap and the two became very close friends. Not only was John a typical guest on The Stern Show, he even asked Howard to induce him and his band into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

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7 Ellen DeGeneres

One of the reasons some of Howard’s old fans were so unhappy with his evolution was because they thought he was what he was up against. In short, Howard became the Hollywood hypocrite he hated so much. While these former fans might just grieve that he’s not as politically flawed as he once was, they still stress when it comes to his relationship with Ellen DeGeneres. In the 1990s and early 2000s, Howard made numerous roles on his show, suppressing Ellen’s sense of humor as well as her “terrible” dancing. However, when she appeared on his show many years later, he stated that he “loved” her dancing. The two are currently texting each other, and Ellen even remarried Howard and his wife Beth on her show.

6 Rosie O’Donnell

Howard called comedian Rosie O’Donnell every nasty word in the dictionary. While he had no such personal reason to dislike her, he found her an easy target for his wicked comedy. Because Howard pestered Rosie so much, a couple of his fans began to harass Rosie and even her children. This caused Mia Farrow, Howard and Rosie’s girlfriend, to step in and show the two of them that they had more in common than not. Through this meeting, Howard heard about Rosie’s personal struggles over his attacks and promised to stop. A couple of years after he apologized, Rosie went to the Stern Show and the two became loyal friends. Although Howard claims to be deeply ashamed of being so vicious towards Rosie, he appreciates the close friendship they have developed.

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5 Lena Dunham

“I think he called me ‘a fat girl like John Hill,’” Lena told Jimmy Fallon during an interview. It is true, Howard was very cruel to Lena when she first began to be glorified. And yet Lena has accepted his apology in recent years. ending notable feuds in 2013… Lena not only forgave Howard, but praised him at his birthday party and during a conversation with Jimmy Fallon. “I really care about Howard,” she told Jimmy. “I think he is the voice for important things. I think he is an outspoken feminist. ” then she said, “I think we should be grateful that he is in this world.”

4 Adam Sandler

Origin Howard Stern and Adam Sandler feud based on harsh criticism from the leading films of SNL alumni films. Howard rarely shied away from pointing out how bad he thought some of Adam’s comedians were. Adam stated that the criticism put heavy pressure on him, but in recent years has accepted Howard’s apology.

“I always felt bad about not talking,” Howard said when Adam finally appeared as a guest on his show. “I really did it because I was bloody dead.” Ever since the two became very close and Adam returned to the show, he vowed never to go on.

3 Bill Maher

Bill Maher was heavily criticized after his comments on 9/11. Among the many people who opposed his opinion that day was his old friend Howard Stern. Up to this point, Bill has been a regular guest on the Stern Show. But then they got into a big fight after Howard criticized Bill’s comments about his show. Until 2019, the two were enemies, even though Howard really liked Bill’s live HBO show. After the party they both attended, Howard apologized for not supporting Bill’s freedom of speech and letting him clarify some of he had said. This put an end to their feud and allowed them to become friends again.

2 Sharon Osborne

Howard was unhappy with Sharon Osborne when she left her duties as host at America’s Got Talent. In fact, he was very outspoken about his problem with the departure of his former co-host. This is because he was very close to her and felt abandoned. After a very short argument, Howard and Sharon rekindled their friendship and were extremely protective of each other whenever they had disagreements.

one David Letterman

Anyone who knows anything about David Letterman knows that he is a hermit. So he doesn’t spend much time with his friends. But there is no doubt that he and Howard are like that. Although Howard was one of David’s most consistent and iconic guests on The Late Show, the two fell out at the same time. Howard admits that he clapped David because he was jealous of him and subconsciously tried to destroy the one he looked up to. In addition, Howard made a comment that greatly upset David’s wife. After extensive apologies and a painting Howard painted for David’s wife, the two comedians repaired the broken bridge and became friends.

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