Howard Stern thinks Pete Davidson’s dating history is confusing to him

There is no shortage of interest in Pete Davidson’s complicated personal life. First, no matter what anyone says, the vast majority of people are baffled by the level of Pete’s success among women on the list of the best in Hollywood. There’s no doubt that the Saturday Night Live star has become one of the biggest womanizers in Hollywood history. Even Pete claims to have been shocked by this. Pete told the radio legend Howard Sternthe same number during both appearances on his show. While Howard counts himself among the many who are utterly enamored with Pete’s records of beautiful, talented, and famous women, he thinks there might be a downside to all of this.


During segment of The Howard Stern Show from January 5, 2022, the self-proclaimed King of All Media joked that Pete’s success had gone to his head. Of course, there was a lot of truth in the comedy. In fact, Howard’s observations of Pete’s success with women can say a lot about the SNL star, as well as how comedians work in general. Here’s why Howard thinks something comes to Pete’s mind, and how it changes his career…

Howard Stern thinks Pete Davidson is shocked by his success with women

The comments about Pete Davidson came when Howard discussed the alleged beef between Miley Cyrus and Pete’s current love, Kim Kardashian. reality star unfollowed Miley after performing with Pete on New Year’s Eve. Fans have speculated that this is because Miley “joked” about wanting to be Pete’s next famous girlfriend.

“Miley was throwing herself at Pete Davidson,” Howard told co-host Robin Quivers and the audience of Pete and Miley’s New Year’s Eve program. “I haven’t talked to Pete Davidson for a long time, but I’m sure this guy is just pinching himself. He probably thinks he’s dreaming. Because, you know, very publicly, women are really fighting for him.”

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Howard then mentioned Miley and Pete’s appearance on The Tonight Show when she sang a song about why he chose Kim over her.

“I think he’s shocked by all of this,” Howard said.

Pete Davidson’s Women’s Success Changed His Career

During the discussion, Howard and Robin stated that Pete’s success with women changed his comedy career both positively and negatively. Robin even claimed that all the attention caused Pete to briefly return home to his mother.

“I understand,” Howard said. “I don’t know if I was him, I could handle it. These women are fighting for him right now and he probably has to juggle a lot because I think in a way being a comedian and being on Saturday Night Live, you kind of want to get a little downtrodden. And you don’t want to be some kind of stallion.”

“You want to get angry and miss something,” Robin added.

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Howard went on to say that the whole thing about Pete seemed to be a guy who is not respected and never gets fucked. But in reality this is far from the truth. Even since Ariana Grande started dating him, a lot of gorgeous and successful women have been knocking on his door. And now these women are even fighting over him.

Aside from the women going crazy for Pete, so does the world. Howard recalled that Pete even said that he was a “bit player” on SNL until women started dating him. Now he is one of the main players of the show and the fans go crazy for him.

“This must be crazy. And, in fact, it should be fucking with his head, honestly, ”Howard said. “I mean, I’m happy for a dude if he can juggle.”

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Howard then mentioned that he was wondering if Pete was worried about him being funny now that people see him in such a different light. He then picked up on what Robin had said and stated that Pete may have come back to life in his mother’s basement to try and feel down and bring back what makes him funny. Because there is no doubt that his success with beautiful women detracts from his hard-working image.

“I mean, just think about his resume… [Ariana Grande], Kate Beckinsale, Kaia Gerber, Kim Kardashian… Miley Cyrus can’t even get into his pants, Howard said. – And I think Larry David’s hot daughter was involved too.

He went on to say, “The only people who weren’t in his pants are the Queen, Robin and Dr. Jill Biden…as far as I can tell. I would never introduce my wife to Pete Davidson.”

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