Howard Stern’s wife was furious over the way he treated one of his employees

While many of his most outspoken critics have suggested that Howard Sternhis lifestyle is as wild as his radio show, fans know this is far from the truth. Howard is a big good old man, he has been completely monogamous with his second wife Beth O for the past 21 years. Beth is everything to Howard, and he makes sure to talk about it to his audience almost every single day. Aside from a shared love of Bang O’Clock, a horrific reality show and essentially isolation in one of their mega mansions, the two are also extremely active animal advocates. At any given moment, they could raise up to 30 cats from their own home. Beth loves this soft side of Howard, but sometimes she faces his dark side.


On January 3, 2022, Beth confessed that she was furious with her husband over the way he treated one of his most dedicated employees … wealthy producer Gary “Ba Ba Bui” Dell’Abate. While Gary was the punching bag for all of Howard’s employees from day one, Beth thought Howard had gone too far. Here’s what happened and why Howard’s wife is currently “so angry” with him.

Howard Stern hated the Ba Ba Bui gift gag

Howard completely lost to Gary several times. But his rant on January 3, 2022 against him was especially stingy. The segment began with Howard expressing dissatisfaction with the gift Gary gave him for his Christmas / birthday. But by talking about it, Howard relived the anger he felt when he first opened Gary’s gift.

“I was so damn angry with Ba Ba Bui that I wanted to fire him. I wanted to fire him. But Beth reassured me about him. And it’s all about the gift. She thinks I’m nuts, ”Howard told his co-host Robin Quivers and the audience. “My New Year’s decision was to be kinder to Gary, but he makes it impossible. He wants to be funny, like the guys on this show, and he doesn’t. He’s not funny. “

According to Howard, Gary sent him a giant box that was sealed tightly. Minutes before Howard was about to announce the Zoom meeting, he thought he could open the gift. But it took him much longer than he expected. When he finally opened it, he saw that it was a box set from George Takei’s Broadway show Loyalty. A musical about the imprisonment of Japanese Americans during World War II has become the subject of satire on The Stern Show. As much as Howard and his staff love George (who is the show’s announcer), they just can’t figure out why anyone would want to see Loyalty … let alone own a box set. It was a joke. But instead of making Howard laugh, it pissed him off, as it raised questions about Gary’s ethics.

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“I guarantee that Gary would be a postal worker if not for me,” Howard said. “Now he’s sending me fucking trash!”

This is far from the only time Howard got mad at Gary for wasting time, not working hard enough, and skimping on all the money he made from the job Howard gave him. But usually these comments turn into funny moments. In this case, Howard was harsh, personal and downright violent … and he immediately regretted it. So much so that ranting is nowhere to be found as he edited it from his show. Howard admitted that he was projecting other frustrations on Gary, but knew he was insulting.

What Beth thought about Howard bullying Gary

Shortly after this segment, Beth walked into the studio and told Howard about both his rant on the air of Gary and what he had said about him in private.

“You were terrible. Awful, “Beth said sharply to Howard before addressing Robin and the audience. “He was so ungrateful. He was so rude. I have never heard … I could not even believe that it was my husband who said that. “

“And then I went on the air against your advice and started yelling at Gary about the Fidelity boxset,” Howard said.

“[Gary] was so considerate and sent you a birthday present and you were … You should have seen steam coming out of your ears and nose when I walked into your office. After you just opened this gift. “

“Do you know what that was? It took all of my time and I was busy … “

“You told me to get rid of it,” Beth said. “This is what I did. I’m so angry with you right now. “

“I wasn’t looking for jokes from Gary. I haven’t really looked. But I overreacted. And I should have been a little more accommodating. “

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Beth then revealed that just a few hours later, Howard was on the phone with someone who received a gift they didn’t like, and Howard was shocked that the person was not grateful.

“And I said,“ Time out. Take two steps back and think about what you did this morning. ” And you didn’t even think it correlated at all, ”Beth said, noticeably angrier.

“This is not true. Gary sent me a stupid present. The person you are talking about received food as a gift, beautiful food and was not grateful, ”Howard said. “It was a thoughtful gift. Gary’s gift was not thoughtful. He just created a job for me. “

After Beth called her husband “work,” Robin stood next to her. “[Howard] it was so bad this morning [with Gary] what I said, “Look Howard, today you’re going to regret what you say. You’d better stop now. “

Howard then stated that he would cut out the passage in which he yelled at Gary, which he did. He then apologized to Gary for his bad behavior. Although Gary accepted the apology, even fans thought he shouldn’t

“I want to say one thing,” Gary cut in. “In a way, it was a stupid gift, but what happened on the air this morning was what I was hoping for. Not a scream … I was hoping that in the part where we were fooling about what was box set, and how funny it was, it was on a show. I was hoping to provide some content. “

While Gary ended up providing Howard with some entertaining (but juggling worthy) content for his show, there is no doubt that Howard’s reaction caused him grief with his wife.

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