Hozier will release new music in 2022?

After a couple of tough years for the music industry and audiophiles, 2022 could be the year that things change. As concerts gradually return, musicians around the world are gradually returning to their previous schedule. AND Hozier like no exception.

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Andrew Hozier Byrne is known to take his time to make sure he is completely satisfied with his music and only then lets people judge it, but now, almost three years after the release of his last recording, he seems ready to give us hear what he was working on.

6 Hozier’s latest album

The last album that Hozier fans heard was his second album. Wasteland baby!, a piece that took years to create, in keeping with Andrew’s style, before being released in early 2019. The singer is admittedly a very self-critical person and a perfectionist, so it really isn’t. such a big surprise that it took him a long time before he even presented his audience with the peak of his new work. Wasteland baby! was certified gold last year, in the midst of a pandemic, and when you think about it, it makes sense. The album aims to tell the story of an almost apocalyptic scenario in which the singer clings to small, beautiful things worth living for. If his next work is something similar to what we have heard so far, then it is guaranteed to be a success.


5 Unreleased Songs of Hozier

Since then, fans have questioned the fate of at least three songs that Hozier performed live during his performance. Wasteland baby! tour, but it has not yet been recorded (at least as far as we know) and not officially released.

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These are the songs “Jackboot Jump”, “But The Wages” and “The Love Of”. The first two are highly politicized, with a message of social justice, while the latter continues the theme of his album about loving someone while living in a disastrous situation. Whether these songs will be included in the next album is still unknown.

4 Hosier’s latest collaboration

A few months ago, Andrew posted an Instagram story stating that he would be releasing something in the summer of 2021, and since then, fans have gone crazy trying to figure out what it will be. Nothing was released in the summer, but in October Hozier began posting hints of a new project that was in development. Between what the singer shared and what fans have learned from other sources, fans have come to the conclusion that Hozier had collaborated with DJ group Medvza long before it was announced. The single “Tell It To My Heart” was released on October 29th and was very well received.

Medusa is back with her mystical powers. Their new track Tell It To My Heart directs their signature sound. Hozier’s loud vocals take the track to new heights“, – said EDMtunes about the song. They then added, “We hope these artists will come together again as Hozier’s vocals are perfect for Meduza.”

3 Thoughts about changing direction

Although his collaboration with Medvza was successful, it also raised many questions regarding the future of Hosier’s music. “Tell It To My Heart” is an EDM track that has proven that Andrew’s voice and compositions are suitable for almost any genre, but it is undoubtedly an unusual song for him given the kind of music everyone is used to hearing from him.

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The idea that he could use these new EDM influences in his next job has crossed people’s minds, and while some are thrilled with the prospect, others are wary.

2 Hozier is apparently working on a new album at the moment.

Over a year ago, Hozier reached out to his fans on Twitter for help. He wanted to pick a new activity to focus on so he could relax while working on what was likely to be his next album. He decided to recite poetry weekly, which made his fans feel less lonely during a particularly difficult time and hopefully helped inspire him. Moreover, he recently answered questions on Instagram, and when asked if new music was coming soon, he confirmed that he was in the process of recording an album.

one Hozier will be on tour soon

When asked at the start of the pandemic about the impact of canceling all public events on his career, he explained that he was very lucky compared to other musicians as he had no plans to tour during 2020. After touring for most of 2019, it was clear that he was wants to take a break. But now that new music is almost ready and live music is returning, he may be ready to hit the road again. In a message he wrote over the holidays, he said he was “looking forward to seeing you next year,” and fans were immediately thrilled to have him tour.

While there are no specific release or concert dates at this time, all indications are that 2022 will be a good year for Hozier fans.

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