Hugh Hefner’s widow Krystal looks unrecognizable after “removing everything fake” from her body, including breast implants.

Hugh Hefner’s widow, Crystal, looked unrecognizable after she “removed all the fake” from her body, claiming it was “the real me”.

The model had previously received breast implants and underwent “fat grafting” surgery, resulting in life-threatening complications.


Crystal said that “all fake” was removed from her bodyCredit: Instagram / crystalhefner
Crystal was married to Hugh for five years until his death in 2017.


Crystal was married to Hugh for five years until his death in 2017.Credit: Getty – Member

Krystal reveals her natural beauty in Instagram post, showcasing your “true” personality in black and white photography.

The former playmate smiled softly at the camera as she took a selfie next to her Christmas tree at her home in Los Angeles, California.

She also included screenshots of her social media profile showing how many followers she has gained since removing her content from the front of the Playboy Bunny.

Krystal detailed her feelings in a caption, explaining how she “moved on” since living at the Playboy mansion.

She wrote: “After staying true to myself on social media for the past few years, I feel that all the people who are here with me at this moment really care and put a positive attitude into my life, and for that I thank you. …

“In five years, my account has gone from not always safe posts for work into my REAL safe life for work. The real me. I used to live for other people to make others happy while suffering internally. ⁣

“As most of you know, I gained a lot of fans while I was filming Playboy. Some photos are rapidly growing their followers. In short, sex is for sale. if I just felt that this was expected of me or that … but now I can confidently and 100% proud to say that modesty is what gives me strength these days, and since I feel much better on the inside, it will probably be that way for the rest of his life. my life.”

Hugh’s wife continued her post, revealing her desire to move forward and leave the past behind to show her true version of herself.

“I removed all the fake from my body and deleted all my old photos. I have become more real, more vulnerable, and I feel that I belong more to myself. I’m mine.

“When I made this transition, I always thought …” Will my account survive? ” since I’ve seen my followers drop by thousands every day (I’m using for verification, you can enter any username and see for yourself). I was in the red. Every day, I watched girls who had similar pages post the same half-naked things and grow exponentially while I rocked hard.

“But now he’s changed. Now he’s green. Most days the bill goes up. Now my female followers are giving way to male followers for their money. Now I really feel like I have an army of supporters who care and see a real soul behind lens, thanks for that.

“If you follow my past life, my new life, my travels, my health problems, my lifestyle, you call it… thank you. I will make it my mission to try to help in every possible way, while remaining faithful. I hope that all of you can stay true to yourself and what feels right to you, because you get a certain strength that you cannot find anywhere else. I love you, ”she concluded.


Last year, Krystal spoke about the plastic surgery nightmare she went through in October 2020.

The 36-year-old shared a snapshot on Instagram with sports armbands covering her breasts.

Along with the picture, she explained that “on October 16, she underwent fat transplant surgery, and she almost did not go away.”

Crystal wrote: “I lost half of the blood in my body and ended up in the hospital in need of a blood transfusion.

“Since then, I have slowly returned to my health, and now I finally feel good.”

She continued, “I am in favor of being natural since I got very sick and removed my implants and everything else toxic in my body in 2016.

“I should have learned a lesson the first time, but I think the universe continues to send you the same lesson until you learn it.”

After she said that “our culture” is defined by “beauty” and that women are “overly sexualized,” Krystal wrote, “I know this from my worst experience.

“For ten years my value was based on how good my physical body looked. I was rewarded and made a living based on my looks. my appearance to convince myself that I have enough. “

The TV presenter added, “I’m sorry the next generation will look at people whose looks aren’t even achievable without a lot of filters, makeup or money, and women should stop feeding on that.”

The caption read: “This is a huge blow to my own hand for succumbing to this pressure, even now, when I am in my 30s, and I thought I had already learned my lesson.”

Crystal was married to Hugh from 2012 until his death in 2017 at the age of 91.


She previously revealed that her breast implants “slowly poisoned” her in 2016. post on facebook

Explaining that she had symptoms such as “food and drink intolerance, unexplained back pain, persistent neck and shoulder pain, cognitive dysfunction (head fog, memory loss), delayed hair growth,” and others, she shared. that she was diagnosed with Lyme disease. disease.

Krystal wrote: “After I was diagnosed with Lyme disease and toxic mold, I posted about it on social media. I began to receive comments saying that my symptoms resembled “breast implant disease.”

“I found a website for breast implant disease and a Facebook group of nearly 3,000 members. My symptoms were the same as theirs. “

The reality TV star explained that implants “break and damage your body. The shell of silicone and physiological implants consists of silicone and more than 40 other toxic chemicals: tin, zinc, cadmium, mercury, arsenic, formaldehyde and talc, to name a few. Your immune system is constantly fighting them, leaving you vulnerable to other diseases. “

Sharing that she had her implants removed, Krystal concluded the post by urging her fans to inform those in a similar situation “that implant disease is real and could be a problem.”


Earlier this month, the Girls Next Door alum showed off her figure by posing for a photoshoot in a tiny leopard-print top.

She has also become romantically involved as she is currently dating actor Ryan Malati, 32, with whom she spent her holidays.

Crystal recently said that she is still recovering from her “controversial” marriage to Hefner, and she has also become vulnerable from her days as a Playboy bunny in Instagram post.

Shortly after Krystal shared the post, her Instagram followers rushed to the comments section to praise her for her candor.

One person wrote, “I love my honesty.”

Another added: “I am proud that you have returned to yourself.”

She explained that she is trying to be more


She explained that she is trying to be more “authentic” after her days at Playboy.Credit: Instagram / crystalhefner
Crystal also had health problems such as Lyme disease and complications from previous plastic surgery.


Crystal also had health problems such as Lyme disease and complications from previous plastic surgery.1 credit
She recently said she was still being treated for Hugh's


She recently said she was still being treated for Hugh’s “controversial” marriage.Credit: Reuters
Holly Madison claims the first night with ex Hugh Hefner was “traumatic” and “pushed on top of her.”

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