Hugh Hefner’s widow Krystal removes “all fake” from her body

The widow of Playboy founder Hugh Hefner Krystal said that she recently decided to radically change both her appearance and her life. revealing that she “removed all the fake from my body” and “humility is what gives me strength these days.”

In a refreshingly honest confession, the former Playboy bunny gave her $ 3 million. Instagram followers that she was initially afraid to make such changes because she was worried that it would affect her number of followers.


Beneath her black and white selfie by the Christmas tree.The 35-year-old model wrote: “After staying true to myself on social media for the past few years, I feel that all the people who are here with me at this moment really care and invest in my life in a positive way and for that I thank you. “

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Crystal said that she now lives like “real me”, whereas before she “lived for other people.”

“In five years, my account has gone from being not always safe for work posts to my REAL safe for work life. The real me. I used to live for other people, to make others happy, while suffering internally. “

“As many of you know, I gained a lot of fans while working at Playboy. Some photos are gaining followers quickly. In short, sex is for sale. “

“I don’t know if I felt inspired, dressing half naked, showing cleavage, etc., or I just felt that this was expected of me, or something like that … but now I can confidently and 100% with I am proud to say that humility is what gives me strength in these days, and since I feel so much better on the inside, it will probably be so for the rest of my life. “

“I removed all the fake from my body and deleted all my old photos. I am more authentic, vulnerable, and feel more like myself. I my”.

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Because of the changes, Crystal is worried about her Instagram follower: “Will my account be kept?”

“When I made this transition, I always thought …” Will my account survive? ” when I saw thousands of subscribers leaving every day … I was in the red. “

“Every day. I watched girls who had similar pages keep posting the same scantily dressed things, and their number grew exponentially as I put up with a lot.”

“But now everything has changed. Now in the green. The bill goes up on most days. Now my female followers make money from male followers. “

“Now I really feel like I have an army of supporters who care and see the real soul behind the lens. For this I thank you. “

She ended with the words: “If you follow my past life, my new one, my travels, my health problems, my lifestyle, you call it… thank you. I will set myself the task of helping in all possible ways, while remaining true to myself. “

“I hope that all of you can stay true to yourself and what feels right to you, because you get a certain strength that you cannot find anywhere else. I love you.

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