Hulu’s Dopesick Sheds New Light on America’s Opioid Epidemic

“I think the answer to that question is: it’s important that we find the time. It’s important that we take ownership of our bodies and our health.” “Because the government is weak and the pharmaceutical companies rule from the bottom up.”

McDorman added that it’s not just the underprivileged communities that are addicted. Of Greek The actor said that before this project, he did not think that he could be a victim of oxycontin, but now, “When I am given medicine, especially a painkiller, my first thought is: I’d better be careful. It’s dangerous. “

In a way, Hognaker, Keaton and more signed the plan in the hope of correcting Big Pharma’s mistakes. Because, as Hojnakar told E! News, entire communities “were notorious for serving the profits of pharmaceuticals.”

The actor, who was born and raised in North Carolina, argued that people feel far away from the opioid epidemic, because drug addicts are painted in such extreme light. Beth Messi, Who wrote the book is based on the series, was mentioned earlier. CBS News“In those early years, [pharmaceutical companies] Excessive deaths, skyrocketing crimes, especially in troubled, rural areas, have been blamed on people who misused their medicine.

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