I am ex Rebecca Vardy – I did NOT make her talk about Peter Andre’s “chipolata” despite her telling the court that I did.

Rebecca’s ex-husband Vardy claims he didn’t force her to talk about Peter Andre’s manhood despite her claims in court.

The mother-of-five told the High Court that she gave an interview in which she compared the singer’s private parts to a “petite chipolata” because Steve Clark ordered her to.


Rebecca Vardy’s ex-husband says he didn’t abuse her or force her to do an interview in which she described Peter Andre’s manhood as “chipolata”.
The interview reappeared as part of the Becky


The interview reappeared as part of the Becky “Wagata Christie” case in the High Court. She apologized and said that Steve Clark made her do the talking.Credit: Mega agency
Steve responded in an interview today after Coley Rooney's lawyer accused Becky of being a


Steve responded in an interview today after Coley Rooney’s lawyer accused Becky of being a “highly unreliable” witness.

But Mr. Clarke has now hit back and says she made the decision to talk to reporters after she spotted ads in the paper for stories about contestants on the show “I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here!”.

mr clark said Mail on Sunday he met the “fun and beautiful” Becky at work when she was Rebecca Nicholson. She became the talk of the town in the office after she told co-workers about her nightly affair with Peter.

The gossip would later become part of the “Wagata Christie” blockbuster between Rebecca and Colleen Rooney after Wayne’s wife publicly accused her rival of leaking the stories.

Lawyer Colin David Sherborne told the court that Rebecca was “a highly unreliable witness” and accused her of lying under oath.

Colin is sure that she won the war with Vagata, and tells her friends:
The moment when Rebecca Vardy first told me about Peter Andre's Chipolata

And he asked her about an interview in 2003, when she stated that Peter had “the smallest pants I’ve ever seen.”

As a witness, Rebecca said, “My ex-husband forced me to do this. I deeply regret this.”

But Mr. Clarke said his then-girlfriend decided to talk herself after she turned to him and said, “I have to tell them about Peter Andre.”

He told the Mail: “I asked her why she would like to do it and she said it would be some money for her and it would be fun.

“I told her that she should do whatever she wants.”

Rebecca made an appointment with a reporter and Mr. Clarke said his only involvement was to take her to the photo studio and then pick her up.

He claims that she later told him that she “remained respectful”.

Rebecca had a brief affair with Peter in 2001, shortly after she got a job at Mr Clark’s firm in Oxfordshire.

Mr. Clarke and Becky began dating in 2001 when she separated from her first husband, electrician Mark Godden. They got married in 2005 but separated a year later.


Mr Clark, now 57, denied any abuse towards Rebecca and told the newspaper he “never abused” or controlled her.

“She did what she wanted, when she wanted, and I never laid a hand on her,” he said.

“False claims against me upset me, my family and friends.”

Rebecca’s spokeswoman said last night of Mr Clark: “Mrs Vardy is only too aware of the heartbreaking truth about this man and no amount of misogynistic shaming of the victim is going to change that.”

Vag has already apologized for the comments about Peter.

False claims against me upset me, my family and friends.

The 49-year-old star said he was bullied for his manhood for 15 years.

In an emotional video, he said: “Just think, if I said that about her anatomy and made up something unflattering, it would cause outrage …

“The only one who sits there and takes blow after blow about this is me. Think about how you would feel if it were the other way around.”

And Jane Atkinson, a journalist who interviewed about Peter, said that Rebecca told her “a few weeks” after the interview that “it was her then-boyfriend who asked her to speak up.”

“It’s not her idea, but she supported it,” Jane said.

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“She has since apologized to Peter. As I. He is a real gentleman.

“I interviewed him many years later and, to his credit, he did not hold a grudge, was warm, understanding and friendly. He even joked publicly about it.”

Rebecca sued Colleen after Wayne's wife claimed she leaked stories from her personal Instagram to reporters.


Rebecca sued Colleen after Wayne’s wife claimed she leaked stories from her personal Instagram to reporters.1 credit

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