I colorize black and white photos to bring memories to life (103 photos)

Hi, I’m Jecinci, a 36-year-old architect and 3D artist from Romania with a passion for coloring black and white images. For me, coloring black-and-white photographs is a hobby that opens a vibrant and moving window into the past, through which memories become vivid reality.

I started this photo restoration hobby five years ago, after accidentally watching a tutorial on YouTube, with an old photo of my grandparents and continued with other family members. The next step was to hone my skills, and, with the help of some of the best photo editing artists in the field (Olga S., Doug B., Dragos A., Florian R., Petty A., Jared E., Mads M., Jordan L. and others, To whom I would like to say a big “Thank you!” I managed to do that (and will continue to do so, I hope).

More information: jecinci.com | Instagram | Facebook

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