I created a dark comic series full of small town horror secrets (part 5 of my horror webcomic).

For my Inktober challenge three years ago, I started a horror/mystery webcomic with hand-drawn pen and ink illustrations, about a girl who moves to a creepy small town and finds that begins to reveal its strange secrets.

I wrote the script at least 10 years ago, but then I left it on my hard drive for a long time. I thought someday I’d try sending it out to graphic novel publishers to see if anyone was interested. But then a few years ago I decided that instead of waiting for a publisher to interest me, I decided to make it a webcomic.


So, I completed the first 30 pages and posted them every day for Inktober 2020. I posted twice every week almost until June 2022! In total, it took about 2.5 years to define. Wow! A few months ago and over 150 pages later I finally finished the story and posted the last page!

But along the way, I realized something I hadn’t planned for… one book wasn’t enough to tell the whole story of this dark city. The story for book two (and possibly book three as well) is still taking shape, but I hope to start the next phase of the story late next year. I have so many ideas for this, and I can’t wait to get started! I don’t think this will be the last book. This might be the end of Amanda’s story – not sure yet – but I’d like to write some short standalone stories set in the Black Valley as well.

For now, please enjoy the final episode of Necro: Book One. (Be sure to check out parts one, two, three and four before reading this!)

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Part 5


That’s all for now, but I’ll be starting the script for book two this winter. Subscribe to me. Newsletter If you want to get updates on when the second part will start.

I had mixed feelings about the ending of the story. It was great to accomplish something this big – it’s the longest comic I’ve ever completed. And I was pretty much wiped from a bi-weekly posting schedule starting in 2020, so it was a relief to take a break!

But it’s also hard for me to leave the characters behind. In fact, I’ve only photographed a few pages of two previews of the book, and it’s been great to draw Amanda again after a few months of not seeing her! I think he’s a friend now, and I want to see him really fight and overcome the evil that (SPOILER!) is still following him at the end of book one.

Apparently readers love the ending of Book One, but there are definitely some who want more answers! I personally like a horror story to be open-ended and leave the blanks for your imagination to fill in the ideas that are scariest to you. But I can also understand why people want answers, not questions at the end of the story! Still, I left a lot of clues, and you can fill in the blanks if you’re paying close attention. I’ve seen readers put the pieces together in the comments, so the answers are there if you look… or you can enjoy it as a scary ride and not dig too deep—when we don’t. Ghosts and ghosts are always scary. That too clearly!

If you’d like your own print copy of Necro: Book One, there’s still a week left to pre-order the limited edition hardcover or softcover through me. Etsy As a special thanks to the Shop and Board Panda readers, you’ll also get bonus phone and desktop wallpaper art and a PDF preview of Book Two!

Thanks again for reading and commenting!

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