‘I don’t care, fly private’: diabetics banned from eating because passenger has Prader-Willi syndrome and won’t take anything

We have all encountered people with a rights complex at some point in our lives; people who feel they deserve special treatment, who don’t miss the opportunity to use the question “do you know who I am?” map and those who think that every person on this planet is indebted to them.

People with an ego-centric mentality have an altered sense of what they are worth and are sure that they will definitely get what they want, regardless of whether they are “better” than everyone else or not.

Dealing with such people comes with a lot of stress, and the next thing you know, you are practically forced to put yourself in danger just because they do not want to deal with their child’s tantrums.

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Travel is exhausting and being forced to deal with an eligible family is the last thing a passenger would want.

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“Aita for telling the family to fly privately?” An online user took to the widely popular subreddit to see if they were overreacting when the family continued to insist they abstain from food due to their child’s potential tantrum. The post received more than 23 thousand votes and 2.5 thousand comments discussing the behavior of passengers.

A traveler with diabetes told the family to “fly privately” when they demanded to refrain from eating due to his son’s tantrums.

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The author began the post with a story that they recently flew on a business trip, where they had the displeasure of sitting next to a very demanding family. When the operator boarded the plane, they had diabetes problems, which meant they needed to eat within two hours.

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Naturally, they began to have a snack, and in a second some dirty looks were already raining down on them. The woman couldn’t resist and said, “Can’t you do that? Our son,” forcing the author to remove his snacks. They decided that they would wait for the stewardess to buy food at a reasonable time, just to show respect to their fellow travelers.

Finally, when the stewardess woke up, the author began to ask for a drink and a box of snacks – however, before they could finish, the father cut them off and sent the employee away. The OP then stood up to press the call button to get the food they needed, but the man again stepped in and informed them that their 6 year old had a medical condition and also added that they would rather the OP didn’t. is, because it causes tantrums.

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The OP was overwhelmed and close to hysterical himself, so they told their father to consider a private flight if they wanted to control their surroundings. Fortunately, the flight attendant returned and the author was finally fed and recovered, although once they were ready to return to work, the mother also decided to contribute to this rather pointless conversation. She said she felt “called” to tell the OP about her son’s diagnosis, which infuriated the author.

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The woman kept talking about her son’s condition and grumbling at the OP about how their behavior had affected the child – however the author had had enough and told the mother that frankly they didn’t care and that they would manage their type 1 diabetes like this as they see fit. The passenger said they weren’t risking their lives just because the parents weren’t in the mood to deal with their offspring’s tantrum, and that they should have at least booked a whole row if they didn’t want to deal with their son’s outburst. .

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As soon as the author reached his destination, he retold the story to his friend, who immediately let him know that he was acting like a big jerk. The person said that although he was embarrassed to call his family, this kind of problem is inevitable in public places, plus it was important for the OP to eat.

What do you think about this? Would you handle it differently?

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