I doubted Raven and SK’s romance would last long

He didn’t foresee this! Love is blindX Bartis Bowden revealed that he was “shocked” that his Season 3 co-stars Raven Ross as well as Sikiru “SK” Alagbad Originally decided to go on a date after an MBA student turned Raven down at the altar.

“I was indifferent. I mean, I was a little shocked because, first of all, I don’t think anyone thought that S.K. was going to say no, and then he did, ”the 27-year-old accountant told Us Weekly exclusively on Monday, November 21, his co-stars, who announced that they had finally broken up Sunday, November 20. “And so it’s like, hey. Why didn’t Raven feel the way Nancy felt when [wiping] your hands are clean, be done the kind of thing? I think that’s what shocked me.”


A rollercoaster relationship between a Pilates instructor, 29, and S.K., 34, made headlines throughout the third season of the Netflix reality show. The couple had many ups and downs throughout their romance, including a dramatic moment when SK revealed he wasn’t ready to get married and their final decision to pursue a long distance relationship after a special reunion.

The couple announced their split on Sunday after allegations surfaced that the Nigerian native was unfaithful during his romance with Raven, who initially dismissed the allegations as “rumors”. Bartis shared that he hasn’t contacted his former co-stars but wanted to give them “their space” as they go through their breakup.

“I have no right to contact them,” the Texas native said. Us. “Like, I got in between their relationship, you know, many times already.”

Bartis Bowden of Love Is Blind, Raven Ross and Sikiru “SK” Alagbad. Netflix (3)

The senior analyst, for his part, also had a bad experience on the dating show. While in the pods, he established contact with both Nancy Rodriguez and Raven, but ended up being offered a speech pathologist. However, after meeting Raven in person, he admitted that she was physically attractive and confessed to 33-year-old Nancy.

“Them [Raven and SK] the relationship really was, it seems to me, the most secret, ”said Bartiz. Us, adding, “Here’s the thing: I went through a public outburst with my wedding and I know that negativity can come both ways. So I’m thinking about both Raven and SK.”


In the wedding episode, Bartiz, like S.K., abandoned his former fiancée in front of the altar. She accused him of gaslighting at the time.


“I think Nancy has a right to feel that way,” the University of Texas graduate said. Us earlier this month. “Throughout the whole process after Malibu, being in Dallas, and then even up to this point, I could see that both answers make sense: “yes” and “don’t want to.”

Bartiz’s reaction to being called a gaslighter after the show surprised Nancy, and she revealed how his comments made her feel Us earlier this month.

“This is the first time I hear this. So he denied, denied, denied. And I’m just like, [that] literally gave me goosebumps right now because he didn’t admit it to my face,” she admitted. “Perhaps today’s conversations really enlightened him. But it’s good for him. This is growth, this is understanding. I didn’t need his apology. … Like I said, I cut him out of my life to heal what he did.”

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