“I had an American boss and I’m so sorry for all my cousins ​​across the pond”

Having a bad manager is often a one-two punch: not only do their subordinates feel miserable at work, they also carry that misery back home, and eventually, the compounding stress starts to take a toll on their health. Gives.

Unfortunately, Reddit users Stained CH It knows very well. They had such a toxic boss that it cast a huge shadow on their quality of life. After a while, the scarred CH gets sick and tired of being criticized for eating at his desk and taking bathroom breaks, so he decides to quit.

However, the higher-ups made sure to make their employees’ last days at the company even worse than before.

This worker’s boss was so toxic that he would hold termination talks just to show who had the power.

Image credit: Andrea Piacquadio (not original photo)

And when the employee finally decided to resign, they tried to do as much damage as possible.

Image credit: Campaign creators

Image credit: Stained CH

People supported the original poster (OP) for standing up for themselves, and some shared their own similar stories.

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