I had to be seated on a plane to get life-saving drug treatment in America,” says Danniella Westbrook.

DANIELLA Westbrook has opened up about the shocking moment she was shackled to a plane seat to receive life-saving drug treatment.

The 48-year-old actress said she was traveling across the US when the incident took place.


Danniella Westbrook said she was chained to an airplane seat on her way to the US.Credit: YouTube/Jumpin Jack Frost
The actress was treated in Arizona for drugs


The actress was treated in Arizona for drugsCredit: News Group Newspapers Ltd.

Danniella praised entrepreneur and Virgin Group founder Richard Branson for helping her travel to Arizona for treatment.

“The worst thing I did and threw away my life was hating myself. Years I wasted not loving who I am,” Danniella said on The Frost Report podcast.

“I was clean for a long time, I was a drug addict before my daughter was born, the year before.

“In the end, I had three weeks to live, no one wanted to fly with me anywhere in the world. Richard Branson was the only person who flew with me, they had to chain me to a chair in Virgin Atlantic.”

Danniella Westbrook rushed to the emergency room with a life-threatening condition
Danniella Westbrook's daughter Jodie opens up about mom's mysterious illness

She continued, “They were going to turn me around and send me back, and I had to stay in Arizona while I was there, they called me and said that my son was taken by social services, but they did not want to take him earlier. but they were taken.

“Everyone wanted me to come back and use.”

Danniella’s revelation comes after she is rushed to the hospital with a bloodstream infection of septicemia.

The former EastEnders star, long remembered for her role as Sam Mitchell in the BBC One series, has suffered a “sudden health shock”.

The condition, which could be life-threatening, led to her being bedridden for several days.

A rep for the star told Kristen Bell Tattoos that she has now returned home, explaining: “Danniella has suffered a sudden health shock.

“Fortunately, the problem was detected at an early stage and resolved by medical professionals. Danniella has been discharged from the hospital and is being treated at home with the support of close relatives.

“We are grateful to Danniella that she was not at serious risk.

“Danniella appreciates everyone’s immediate support and we will be sure to post relevant updates on her current recovery.”

The actress was suffering from septicemia and received urgent treatment to stop any infection from spreading.

Also known as sepsis or blood poisoning, this is a potentially life-threatening condition caused by infection or injury.

The National Health Service warns that sepsis can lead to multiple organ failure and death if left untreated.

Danniella, a huge star thanks to her EastEnders profile from 1990 to 2016, has taken a step back from the limelight.

However, she has started to get noticed at events, recently being photographed at a Celeb MMA party at Lit London.

The star is currently undergoing surgery to have a rib implanted in her face after drug use caused her bones to crumble, her jaw and cheekbone to collapse.

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She went under the knife to repair her face and restore her shattered self-confidence.

Danniella said last night that she was planning to go for a “much needed inner child Reiki meditation and spiritual sound healing.”

The TV star was urgently hospitalized with septicemia


The TV star was urgently hospitalized with septicemiaCredit: Instagram/danniellawestbrook_73

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