“I have a secret pet name for my boobs,” says Vicki Pattison.

DESPITE the fact that her breasts have been enlarged, Vicki Pattison admits that one is still bigger than the other, and they are far from perfect.

But the Newcastle reality TV darling affectionately nicknamed them Ant and Dec after her fellow hosts.


Vicki Pattison says that despite the increase in her breasts, one is still larger than the other, and they are far from perfect.
Vicki, who starred in the MTV series Geordie Shore from 2011 to 2014 (from left to right: Greg Lake, Jay Gardner, Gaz Beadle, James Tindy. Front row from left to right: Sophie Casey, Vicky Pattison, Charlotte Liticia Crosby, Holly Hagan)


Vicki, who starred in the MTV series Geordie Shore from 2011 to 2014 (from left to right: Greg Lake, Jay Gardner, Gaz Beadle, James Tindy. Front row from left to right: Sophie Casey, Vicky Pattison, Charlotte Liticia Crosby, Holly Hagan)1 credit

Vicki, 34, who starred on MTV’s Geordie Shore from 2011 to 2014, Ex-On the Beach in 2014, and her own family and personal relationships show Judge Geordie, says her breasts are was an “empty bag” before the operation for eight years. back.

Now the star who won I’m A Celebrity in the Australian Jungle in 2015 likens them to “spaniel ears” but loves them “most of the time.”

Speaking to Kristen Bell Tattoos on Sunday, she warns Love Island fans, wants to return to Oz for next year’s All Star series I’m a Celebrity, and says she’s finally found happiness.

Vicki, who edited and modeled the lingerie and swimwear collections for Pour Moi, says: “I was adamant that when I had a breast augmentation, I wasn’t going to change my shape, but just put back some of the weight I had lost.

I tried to have a love island body - it made me miserable, says Vicki Pattison.
Vicky Pattison stunning in a bikini as she soaks up the Capri sun

“Everyone assumes that because I had a breast augmentation, I will have these ridiculous perky breasts all the time.

“But my boobs are no different.

“Gravity has taken over, they are not as perky as we would like, these are ordinary female boobs. I suppose you could call them spaniel ears.

“But I’m really happy with them most of the time. And the nickname? Ant and Dec!”

She adds: “They look great in a bra, but if I’m in a backless dress, I need help. I have tried so many boob tapes over the years.

“Kim Kardashian wore medical tape and duct tape trying to hold things in place – I tried that too.

“I finally found a cassette called Perky Pear that keeps my big boobs in place all night.”

She went from 32B to 32D during the operation, but she doesn’t want to repeat this procedure anytime soon.

She says: “The operation itself went well, but I did not recover well. I absolutely whined about the pain for about six weeks, to be honest.

“As a result, I am in no hurry to redo them. I can’t say never more, but at the moment I’m very satisfied.

“I understand that there is a lot of pressure on women to look a certain way and I will never be 110 percent happy, but right now I am quite happy with what I see in the mirror.”


But it took a long time. After Vicki’s rise to fame on Geordie Shore, she lost 8 pounds and felt miserable.

She says: “I used exercise as a weapon when I was in my twenties and had erratic eating cycles.

“I used to count how many blueberries are in my porridge. I was obsessed.

“I didn’t eat in restaurants for fear that there would be something in the sauce that I didn’t account for in calories.

“It wasn’t a happy or healthy lifestyle and I assumed that when I reached that magic number I would just be very pleased and satisfied, but I was just worried and afraid.”

She felt so out of her element on Geordie Shore that she believed her excessive diet was the only thing she could control.

Vicki, whose TV credits also include Loose Women, This Morning, Ant & Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway, Celebrity Hunt, Celebrity Master Chef, Celebrity Coach Ride, and last year’s “Celebrity SAS: Who Dares Wins,” says, “I remember the whole crew going to Domino’s at lunchtime and I was picking out a salad.

“I was young and trapped in a world where I thought I would be happier when I lost weight.

“I thought that in order to be considered attractive – to be approved – I had to be a certain size. But such thinness did not bring me peace.

“Now it is great to be in a place where it is no longer the main and the end of my whole life. There is so much more to life than just diet.”

Vicki has spent ten years in therapy and credits celebrity counselors Nick and Eva Speakman for changing her life.

Most recently, they helped her film an upcoming documentary for Channel 4 in which she talks about how drinking affected her father.

She said: “For almost a decade, I kept seeing the Speakmans for various reasons.

“The problem I had was that I never put myself first and really worked on myself.

“I had very severe control issues that I had to learn to deal with, and dealt with family issues and toxic relationships.

“But the Speakmans helped me look at a lot of things and helped me better understand my life and improve my relationship with my family.

“I wouldn’t be the woman I am today without all their influence.
“They’re brilliant and I’m a big supporter of therapy.”

But Vicky worries about young women and men who don’t get the same support from therapy and are obsessed with the perfect figure and Love Island face.

She says: “Everyone gets to the island of love.

“It’s such a huge reality show and it’s hard not to get carried away by all these great people on screen.

“But there were so many past contestants who came out and said after the show, ‘I was on a diet’, ‘I got plastic surgery,’ or ‘I starved myself and had an eating disorder.’

“The bosses of the show have a huge responsibility.

“I feel like it’s my duty as a woman who’s been through this to say, ‘Look, there are so many ways to be gorgeous and attractive and beautiful.

“It has so little to do with how you look in a bikini. You don’t have to look like a Love Islander to be beautiful.”

“Love Island has lacked variety in previous years and we really need to think about the mental health implications of people because so many young girls and guys are tuning in.”

This is something Vicki thinks about a lot and she is constantly promoting body positivity to her five million Instagram followers.

She recently wore half a stone, but is happy to show her truthful photos.


Vicki says: “People submit carefully selected and perfectly edited photos for review, and I don’t despise this culture in any way.

“But if you’re struggling with your self-image, then limit your screen time because a lot of what you see on Instagram isn’t true – and if you’re not in a good place anyway, it can be very harmful. . I know this better than anyone.”

But Vicki still loves reality TV and would love to return to Australia with hosts Ant McPartlin and Declan Donnelly for the I’m a Celebrity special next year.

She says: “It would definitely be great to be back for a few weeks. I am still very happy and proud to have won my series.

“That moment was a turning point in my career, in my life.”

As well as meeting the man she now plans to marry – personal trainer Ercan Ramadan, 26.

Earlier this year, he got down on one knee in Dubai after three years of marriage, and an excited Vicki agreed.

After the couple recently attended a wedding in Italy, Vicki is considering getting married there.

But first she wants her eggs to be frozen.

She says: “I told Erkan that I would like an Italian wedding. I am not getting married this year.

“I used to be the girl who rushed things because I thought it would make her happy.

“Erkan makes me happy. We are really happy with where we are.

“I hope that someday I will be lucky enough to have children, but I don’t want to feel the pressure of having children right this month.

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“It’s not fair to him just because my biological clock is ticking to say, ‘I want kids right now.’

Finally, Vicki, who raced through life, grew up and found the happiness she longed for.

Vicki is engaged to personal trainer Erkan Ramadan, 26, who got down on one knee in Dubai earlier this year after three years of being together.


Vicki is engaged to personal trainer Erkan Ramadan, 26, who got down on one knee in Dubai earlier this year after three years of being together.1 credit
Vicki won I'm a Celebrity in 2015 and says she would love to return to All Stars.


Vicki won I’m a Celebrity in 2015 and says she would love to return to All Stars.Credit: Rex Features
After Vicki's rise to fame on Geordie Shore, she dropped to 8 pounds and 4 pounds and says she felt miserable.


Since Vicky’s rise to fame on Geordie Shore, she’s dropped to 84 pounds and says she felt miserable.Credit: Rex Features

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