‘I literally quit my job and went home’: wife ‘screams at the top of her lungs’ at 16-month-old jobless husband and his buddies who stole the family pool

Nobody likes idlers. Especially since no one likes a slacker and his annoying friends.

And what’s more, no one likes it when a slacker and his friends clog up the family pool so that the children can’t play in it.

… and even more, more so no one likes it when he promises to let them play but never keeps the promise.

You see that his wife have to deal with?

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Having a pool is great, but having a pool that dad and his buddies always take is… well, anything but that.

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Wife and mother of two, u/Ambers666, recently visited the r/AITA community to learn about a problem she was facing.

You see, she is the only breadwinner in the family. This is because her husband has been out of work for 16 months and has struggled to find one. Yes, even the OP rolls his eyes at this. This, in turn, made her the only buyer of things in the house.

But summer is coming and she knows the kids will want to enjoy it. Because of her work, she won’t be able to take the kids to the beach, and her husband won’t help here either, because he would only do it if he had a car, and the OP needs it for work.

Said father’s wife raised the issue online, asking if she was really wrong to kick him and his buddies out.

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Thus, instead of having this is Full of headache, she decided to renovate and upgrade their family pool so the kids can use it. The perfect solution to a logistical nightmare, right?

Wrong. Once the money was spent and the pool was in order, her husband began throwing modest pool parties with his buddies. They will come and use it hours, effectively preventing anyone from using it. Even children.

In turn, the children repeatedly complained about the refusal to maintain the pool. So the mother had to intervene. However, the hubby did not like this intervention. He got out.

Dad promised that he would let the kids play, but he still took up all the space by the pool, and the kids called mom.

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He kept saying it was his house and his water, and she couldn’t control what he did or who he brought. This made OP even more angry with him, but she didn’t back down. Instead, she stood her ground and said that the kids were going to play in the pool, otherwise he and his buddies might say goodbye to the pool.


Well, the next day, OP’s daughter called her crying. She explained that dad had brought his friends and, Surprise Surprisedid what he did all the time. You know, be a pool bum.

The OP also provided some brief explanations in the post edit form.

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At this point, the OP was in an absolute rage. So much so that she left in the middle of the work day to go home and rip a new one for her husband and his buddies. And as soon as she returned home, all hell broke loose. She screamed, he exploded, causing his friends to leave.

She was upset that he ignored her request to let the children play in the pool. And he was upset that she came there with a gun at the ready, thinking she could manipulate him with her money and yell at his friends. He rushed to call each of them individually and apologize on her behalf.

In subsequent revisions, the OP clarified that [1] she paid for the pool herself, [2] one cannot underestimate how long friends will regularly stay there (which always always), as well as [3] none of these grown men clean up after themselves, so OP often does. Which, to say the least, is completely unfair.

And people on the network had absolutely no doubt that she had the right to be angry with her husband in the way she needed.

But people didn’t have any of the father’s shenanigans and they said the OP is not the bad guy here.

Some thought it was perhaps a good thing that he left home and did not return for an indefinite period of time. Others had the problem that he didn’t have a job and didn’t seem to even try at that point. This is in addition to the fact that he is a shitty dad.

There were more, but you can check it all in context here. Or check out our other article Am I Foolish?. articles here. But not without sharing your thoughts, opinions and other forms of personal belief in the comments section below!

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