“I lost my 3rd place and got my body back,” says Daniel Armstrong of Touy, showing off some incredible before and after photos.

Yesterday, TOWIE’s Danielle Armstrong shared on Instagram about her incredible body transformation with stunning before and after photos.

The 33-year-old revealed that she lost three stones when she posed in her Calvin Klein lingerie set for a series of progress photos.


Danielle Armstrong proudly reveals her body makeover on InstagramCredit: Instagram / Daniel Armstrong.
She shared a photo of her posing before her transformation in the same set of lingerie.


She shared a photo of her posing before her transformation in the same set of lingerie.Credit: Instagram / Daniel Armstrong.

The fitness fanatic called 2021 “the year I got my body back,” celebrating her hard work in the gym.

She captioned the pictures: “2021 was the year I got my body back and helped others reach their goals.

“Swipe left to see just a few of the hundreds I have helped to achieve incredible results by participating in my trials.”

Danielle then asked her followers to join her January 21 kickstart focus by adding the hashtags “#weightloss #babyweight #health #lifestyle #nutrition #results #helpingothers #newyearnewme # 2022”.

The TV star began living as a new mother and in March she documented her way of losing weight.

In a candid post, she stripped down to black Calvin Klein underwear for the before and after shots of her transformation.

The star, who is raising twenty-month-old Eagle with fiancé Tommy Edney, has given fans a front-and-back look at her figure to show how much she has changed.

“How 9 months have passed,” wrote Danielle. “I just wanted to share my transformation with you because I’m so proud.

“I always say, ‘If we need 9 months to raise a child, we will need at least 9 months to get our body back.’

“I enjoyed documenting my transformation and would like to help everyone, not just moms who want to feel healthier and more confident.”


Meanwhile, in June, Danielle boldly revealed that she had abnormal precancerous cells removed after a routine smear.

The reality TV star shared an candid Instagram post in which she urged her 1.3 million followers to get verified.

Danielle explained that she went for a routine smear in May, which showed abnormal cells.

She was then referred for colposcopy, a simple procedure in which the cervix is ​​examined.

The reality TV star said that during the procedure, the nurses decided to do a loop excision of abnormal cells.

On her Instagram, Danielle wrote, “Did you record the smear test? ❤️ …

“Last month I was invited to have a smear test as British women between the ages of 25 and 49 must be checked every 3 years.

“My results showed some abnormal cells and I was referred for a colposcopy (a simple procedure to look at the cervix for abnormal cells to determine if they might be cancerous or not).

“During the procedure yesterday, the nurses decided to do something called loop excision, which uses an electric current to remove abnormal cells.

“The reason for the removal of the cells was because the abnormal cells were ‘precancerous cells,’ and removing them now could prevent them from progressing to cancer in the future.

“This is inconvenient … YES. Their bleeding … YES (a little) Could it prevent cancer and save your life YES !!! “

By signing her post, Danielle urged her fans to check and sign up for routine smear tests.

The TV presenter had precancerous cells removed from the cervix in June.


The TV presenter had precancerous cells removed from the cervix in June.
Towie’s Daniel Armstrong Shows Off His Abs Nine Months Postpartum After Three Stone Weight Loss

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