I ordered kebabs for Christmas dinner alone and spent birthday in hospital, says James Argent

Two years ago, James Argent was at his lowest.

In December 2019, he was taken to the hospital twice after being locked in his house and drug overdose, along with family and friends, feared that his addiction would kill him.

The TOWIE star, pictured in January, is hoping for a better Christmas this year


The TOWIE star, pictured in January, is hoping for a better Christmas this yearcredit: Louis Wood News Group Newspaper Ltd.
Arg, pictured before his hospital dash on December 4


Arg, pictured before his hospital dash on December 4Credits: Click News and Media

the former the only way Is Essex Regulars spent Christmas Day alone with smoothie kebabs in place of turkey dinner, scrolling through YouTube videos on their phones.

arg, 34, remembered: “I was in the hospital for my birthday. It was quite terrifying.

“Then on Christmas Day, there was no food in the fridge. No family, no friends, no gifts to give or receive.

“I suffered from terrible paranoia and anxiety. I was not in a position to be around anyone and I do not leave my house. I ended up ordering takeaway kebabs.”

This is one of those brutally honest episodes he shared with a group of people in recovery as he became an ambassador for Verve Health Clinic in Wotton, Norfolk.

Arg admitted: “It was scary because I went to so many meetings and saw so many other people sharing their story, but I’d never done it before.

“I was feeling pretty emotional. Sometimes it’s easy to forget how bad it was, especially as the months go by. Then you remind yourself how dark it was, how much it affected your life. Did.”

arg was hooked on cocaine for seven years.

He was suspended from TOWIE in 2014 for using drugs and went into rehabilitation, So he was booted up Show for good in 2019 for the same reason.

Arg says: “It’s not something that goes away. I have to work on it for the rest of my life.”

He calls it “stinky thinking” when his mind sometimes wanders dangerously close to a craving, but he stops it in its tracks by calling his sponsor and participating in Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous.

So she courageously took on this new role to help others who are struggling to break the habit.

“I’m really glad I did. It’s not just to help others, it’s to help me too,” he says.

“Sponsors will tell you the same. They are wonderful people who talk day or night to answer your calls and get back to you, but they say they benefit just as much because it helps them recover.” It helps too.”

drugs hell

Last week, Boris Johnson announced a new 10-year war on drugs, during which he will invest lakhs in rehabilitation.

The PM also said that he would consider confiscation of passports and driving licenses of drug addicts.

Arg appreciates the investment in rehab, but warns: “Having my passport taken away can make me more angry and frustrated and a lot more rebellious.

“I don’t see how taking people’s passports can be a positive thing.”

He adds: “Potentially taking a driver’s license from someone caught for drinking or drug driving could be a good thing to keep people safe.”

Arg, who refers to his addiction as his “big demon”, says that no matter how many punishments, threats and ultimatums an abuser receives, ultimately there is only one person who can make a difference.

He explains: “I think you absolutely have to hit rock bottom. You have to get to that point when you think, ‘I can’t do this anymore, that’s enough. I’m done.’ “

I think you absolutely have to hit rock bottom. You have to get to the point when you think, ‘I can’t do this anymore’

James Argent

Arg’s cocaine and alcohol addiction went “hand in hand” with his eating disorder, something he didn’t realize he was suffering from until he went Thailand for rehabilitation In 2017 – the first of three separate phases for therapy in a Southeast Asian country.

He says: “I would never say that I had a wonderful time on drugs. never. It was always hell. It was always very, very terrifying.”

Now, two years clean, he feels like “a million dollars.”

Arg says: “I’ve been through a hell of a lot but I think addiction has made me a better person because I don’t judge anyone else.

“I’ve changed my own life, and now hopefully I can show others that they too can be happy and healthy.”

dramatic changes

mentally and physically, now on the contrary Couldn’t be more stark than two years ago.

Arg has reached her goal weight of 15th 7lbs in record time, after ballooning 27 stone, after having a gastric sleeve fit earlier this year at Transform Hospital Group.

Sooraj reveals himself incredible change in November.

compared to her weight loss singer adeles, Arg says: “I think people are in shock to be honest.

Listen, I love Adele, I’m a huge fan, but I averaged her weight loss

James Argent

“Listen, I love Adele, I’m a huge fan, but I made her” [7st] Weight loss look average.

“I don’t think anybody has done what I’ve done. I’ve exceeded all expectations. They thought it would take a good year and a half to get to where I am, but I’ve done it in eight months.”

“I stuck to my diet, I continued swimming, boxing and weight training and I have done it.

“I’m at my perfect weight now, I’m happy with the way I look.”

Arg after his gastric band operation


Arg after his gastric band operation
The Sun reveals Arg's impressive weight loss


The Sun reveals Arg’s impressive weight losscredit: Sam Riley

Romance Rumors

Although he is happily single, there are rumors that Arg is getting closer to his first love, fellow TOWIE star Lydia Bright.

The pair split in 2016 after Lydia got him “out of it” on cocaine, and Arg dated his co-star Gemma Collins, an on/off relationship that lasted eight years.

Lydia is now a single mother to baby Loretta, and Arg insists that the pair never date again – as they don’t want to ruin their perfect friendship.

He says: “Lydia is my perfect best friend. We are very close. He is always there for me and likewise, I am always there for him.

“If we get back together, there’s a risk of it being wrong and never speaking again and it’s a disaster.

“If we stay friends, that’s the best way we can always be in each other’s lives. And I think that works out better for both of us.”

Lydia is my ideal best friend. we are very close

James Argent

As for this Christmas, the TV personality who sings with The Arg Band says he is looking forward to the simple joy of being surrounded by those closest to him.

He says: “I am going to spend quality time with my family in our beautiful home, and exchange gifts with all my loved ones.

“I want to be in good form, and for 2022, I just want to stay fit and strong.”

Although Arg has had to dramatically reduce the amount of food he eats, nothing will stop him from indulging in his turkey dinner, albeit a small portion.

And there will be no kebabs in sight.

Arg, pictured in March of this year


Arg, pictured in March of this yearcredit: Colin Jack
Arg is now an ambassador for Verve Health Clinic in Wotton, Norfolk (pictured during a visit in July this year)


Arg is now an ambassador for Verve Health Clinic in Wotton, Norfolk (pictured during a visit in July this year)credit: backgrid
Arg says that he and Lydia are now close friends, nothing more.


Arg says that he and Lydia are now close friends, nothing more.credit: Getty Images – Getty
Arg and ex Gemma Collins


Arg and ex Gemma Collinscredit: Instagram
Tovy’s James Argent reveals massive body transformation, dropping 11 stone in six months


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