I Reinvented These Food Recipes To Bring You Awareness Of What You Eat (23 Pics)

I wanted to inspire people to think about what they eat. Food is not just a bite that we put in our mouth. It is a combination of processes that all affect what is eaten in the end. By breaking down recipes into different steps I want to create an easy approach and positive way for people to cook from scratch and explore how food is created.

The project began in 2009 with a series of disparate pieces. The very first picture was the Cinnamon Rolls recipe. The series gradually evolved into a book published by WSOY (2012) in Finland and I Am Publishing (2016) in Taiwan. This book is no ordinary cookbook but something that ties together the worlds of art and cooking.

All 62 images are produced by me. This meant that first I had to learn to do the dishes, then do the groceries, cook and style, photograph, post-process, write, and finally clean up. I made my own rules and it was very important that all the food was eaten. I despise the throw away culture that is common in the food photography scene. I wanted to shoot all the stages with a single shot and didn’t want to make a final image of separate images. So the steps depicted in the photos were built into the final dish instead of throwing everything away. This meal was shared with neighbors and friends.

more info: marinaekroos.com

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