I was a party animal … until I realized that I wanted to stay married to Nicole Kidman, says Keith Urban.

Keith Urban, one of America’s biggest music stars, hasn’t seen much in show business.

From parties to battles with alcohol and drugs, the country rocker has spent three decades at the top.


Keith Urban is on a roll after fighting alcohol and drugs1 credit
Keith says he prefers a quieter lifestyle with wife Nicole Kidman than being a party animal.


Keith says he prefers a quieter lifestyle with wife Nicole Kidman than being a party animal.Credit: Mega agency

But now he’s living a much more relaxed lifestyle with his wife of 16, Hollywood star Nicole Kidman.

And acknowledging his more turbulent past, the current Grammy winner says, “I still make weird mistakes, but not the same as in the past, and these days I see them happen before everything falls apart.”

Explaining how he maintains a successful family life with Nicole and their two children while on the road, Keith, 54, says: “Work-life balance is never achieved, it is maintained.

“He can easily fail. I learned a lot about how to fix them. Countless years ago I never fixed anything until it was too late, but now I see it starting to fade and I’m much better at catching it before it all crashes down.”

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban's daughters Sunday and Faith rarely appear
Nicole Kidman's husband Keith Urban wrote an hour-long song to help people fall asleep

As a rising star, he has been in rehab several times, but last visited the famed Betty Ford Clinic in 2006, just months after he married actress Northman, also 54.

This proved to be a major turning point, as Keith jokes after the concert that he won’t be joining me for a tile night because “I’d like to stay married.”

“I made mistakes”

He adds: “I think I used to work through the consequences of what I did and then decide if it was worth it – and most of the time I decided that it would be, despite the problems that might arise. cause.

“I’d be like, ‘I know it’s going to cause this problem, but it’s going to be fucking fun. The night me hates the day me, it’s true. But the next morning-night I am nowhere – it is completely indistinct.

“So these days I don’t do anything religious to live healthier — I just do what I have to do to live the life I want. No more, no less.

“I want to play for hours on stage without much effort and feel good the next day.”

Keith hopes he is now setting a good example for daughters Sunday, 13, and Faith, 11, whether or not they decide to follow in their parents’ footsteps in show business.

The New Zealand-born singer, who moved with his parents to Queensland, Australia when he was two, adds: “Today, life is very different. I’m trying to set a good example for the kids, but I still don’t know if I’m getting it right.

“I made so many mistakes, but you have to decide what works for you. My message to them is to always do what they are passionate about, I don’t care as long as they work hard to achieve it.

“Nick and I worked very hard. For me it was like paying dues twice. I went through the clubs in Australia to get a record deal and then moved to the US and had to start over from the bottom.

“Fortunately, everything worked out the second time. Along the way, I did other work. I worked in a warehouse renting out lighting equipment to other bands, but I just wanted to play.

I wasn’t good at anything else.

Explaining how he maintains a successful family life with Nicole, Keith says,


Explaining how he maintains a successful family life with Nicole, Keith says, “Work-life balance is never achieved, it is maintained.”1 credit

But about his healthier lifestyle, he adds: “I don’t lecture people about things, not at all. I want people to come to my concerts and enjoy the evening.

“They don’t come to listen to me tell them what to do, and everyone should do what is right for him.”

Keith was in the UK for his hugely successful sold-out tour and his latest single, Nightfalls, received massive radio airplay after a long break from touring due to Covid.

Apart from his music, he has also become a regular face on TV talent shows including American Idol and The Voice in Australia, which was caused by a throat operation that kept him off the stage.

He says: “I never saw TV as part of my plan.

“First it was in Australia. They were going to launch The Voice there, and that was around 2011.

“I just had voice surgery, so it was one of those random moments where they said, ‘Do you want to come and do it?’ My first thought was no, but then I felt like I wanted to fill that time.

“More than other formats, this show is about having one-on-one time with talented people trying to make it big, so you can get a few people together and create that atmosphere and really help. Here it is.

“It was also a way of letting people see a different side of me – when you’re on TV, the audience feels like they recognize you a little bit.”

“Negative, negative, negative”

Despite his on-screen success, Keith is now fully focused on his music career, which has resulted in 30 No. 1 hits worldwide.

He has also become a consistent collaborator, having chart success with megastars such as Taylor Swift, Pink and Carrie Underwood, and has received 19 Grammy nominations, winning four, as well as 13 Country Music Association Awards and 4 American Music Awards.

But an unplanned two-year hiatus due to Covid restrictions canceling his busy schedule prompted him to return to the studio at his Nashville home, where he felt “in a rut”.

Keith explains, “I found myself feeling really stuck and just negative, negative, negative.

“I had all this time to finish the recording, but I couldn’t let anyone come into the quarantined house. I was in such a rut.”

Keith, whose dad Robert died of cancer in 2015, adds: “I called this friend of mine, a really nice, old, wise guy who I often go to for advice.

“He is not a professional, just a close friend. I no longer have a dad that I would have named when I was younger. It is important to have elders in your life.

“I was talking for ages and all of a sudden he said, ‘All you did was tell me what you can’t do, you didn’t say anything about what you could’.

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“I said I could go and work on this new thing in my studio and all of a sudden he just turned my mind around and I made this record.

“I try to spend as much time as possible going out into the world. I don’t always succeed, but lately I’ve been trying my best.”

Keith Urban with other judges on The Voice Australia


Keith Urban with other judges on The Voice AustraliaCredit: Unknown, clearly with photo table.
Keith was in the UK during his hugely successful sold-out tour.


Keith was in the UK during his hugely successful sold-out tour.Credit: supplied

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