I was itching to do Love Island but had to give up my London flat and earn just £500.

The LOVE Island star said she was forced to give up her apartment after being paid just £500 to appear on the show.

Savannah Darnell couldn’t get out of bed after being dropped from the 2018 series, which also starred Dani Dyer and Dr. Alex George.


Former Love Island contestant Savannah Darnell says she was forced to move out of her apartment after the show paid just £500.Credit: Rex Features
Savannah fell into a deep depression after appearing on the program.  She faced abuse from trolls


Savannah fell into a deep depression after appearing on the program. She faced abuse from trolls1 credit

The pretty blonde, now 26, has been bombarded with insults and death threats from internet trolls.

Before appearing on the show, she worked in show business and even appeared alongside Will Smith in Aladdin.

But after just five days at Casa Amor, Wes Nelson didn’t choose Savannah and returned home in tears.

After that, she again struggled to find work and had to leave her apartment and move back in with her mom, Karen Smallwood.

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Karen, who lives near Sheffield, told daily mail the family was “naive”.

“I didn’t know what could go wrong. We were passionate,” she said.

“If I had known then what I know now, we would have had a very different conversation.”

Savannah was 22 years old and had never watched Love Island when the producers approached her. She claims she was told she would show up at the main villa.

However, she was instead sent to Casa Amor to try and charm one of the male members from the woman they were together with.

After she returned to the UK, she declined a consultation before becoming very upset when she started reading online comments about her stay at the villa.

“I can’t tell you how awful it is to walk into your child’s bedroom and find him crying all night because a stranger said he was the ugliest of all the participants,” Karen, 56, said.

Savannah said last month GOOD! she quarreled with her brother over her appearance.


“He didn’t want me to go to the show,” she said.

“He thought it was crap and not something he wanted his little sister to be a part of.

“We had a serious argument and we still don’t talk.”

Of the six Casa Amor girls, only two, including Savannah, were not selected.

“It was the most embarrassing moment of my entire life. I had to watch as they excitedly prepared to move into the main villa – I was just sick,” she said.

It was the most embarrassing moment of my entire life… I just felt sick

ITV released its care charter in 2019 after former contestants Sophie Graydon and Mike Thalassitis committed suicide.

When host Caroline Flack also committed suicide in February 2020, extra measures were put in place on the show to ensure that members and their families feel supported.

Representatives of the show today sent Sun Online testimonials from those who have previously participated in the show.

Dr. Alex said he had “really good post-op care.”

Megan Barton Hanson said: “They do so much behind the scenes that people don’t really see.

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“In this show, you have 24-hour care before, during, and after.”

Eyal Booker, who appeared in the fourth series, also said that he “didn’t say a bad word” about the care he received.

Karen's mom said she and Savannah hadn't seen the show and were


Karen’s mom said she and Savannah hadn’t seen the show and were “naive”.1 credit

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