“I Went From $28K To $158K In Less Than 4 Years”: Woman Reveals How She Made Tech Industry Step By Step In Viral Video

It can be very easy to fall into the trap of feeling like your career is over. You may be dissatisfied with your income, unmotivated at work, and unmotivated to apply for other positions due to a lack of skills. But as one TikToker wants to remind you: with a little hard work, you can always turn your career around.

Charlotte Shays Recently shared a Video online explanation How he broke into the tech industry and increased his annual salary to $130k. Below, you can listen to Charlotte’s full explanation and read some of the comments from viewers, and by the end of this article, you’ll probably be inspired to get on LinkedIn and start applying for new opportunities. I hope all you Pandas out there love your jobs, but if anyone is feeling like their career is going down, Charlotte’s advice could make a huge difference. Enjoy this article, and let us know in the comments if you have more tips for breaking into the tech industry to share. Then if you are looking for someone else. KristenBellTattoos.com Check out this article on job search tips. This list Next.

TikToker Charlotte Chaze is sharing how she got into the tech industry, and it might be more attainable than you think.

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She broke through a few steps that led to a high-paying tech job.

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Image credit: charlottechaze

You can listen to Charlotte’s full explanation here.

@charlottechaze How to Break into Tech with Data Analytics and Hit Six Figures! Here’s what worked for me: teach yourself in-demand skills and apply for jobs even if you don’t think you’re qualified, because you might get an offer. Keep improving it to get promotions and more job offers. #breakintotech #dataanalytics #CareerCoach #Career Advice #Salary transparency # Six numbers #6 Statistics #worktok #jobtok #research #your job # To be silent #9 to 5 ♬ Original Sound – Charlotte | Enter Tech.

She continued to share videos assuring viewers that anyone can follow her career path.

@charlottechaze If you believe in yourself enough to try, you can go into tech! Take a chance on yourself. Surprise yourself. #breakintotech #Technologies #Career #the work #worktok #jobtok #Job. #Job Tips #Job #Career change #Educational # Dynamic #encouragement #You can #Salary #Technology ♬ Original Sound – Life really sucks.

And noted that prior experience in the field is not necessary.

@charlottechaze How to get into tech with no experience! Many of my students have used this strategy to land tech jobs without a degree. If you want to get a job in tech, do it so that it’s easy for recruiters to see that you’re a good candidate. #breakintotech #TechJob #How #Job Application Tips #linkedin #linkedintips #resumetips #restart. # No experience. #nodgri #Educational #Career #Career Advice #techtoktips #Tech career #dataanalytics #Data Analyst ♬ Original Sound – Charlotte | Enter Tech.

The tech industry can often seem like a scary place with many gates and fences that are rarely ever opened to let in someone new. However, the reality is that the field is growing rapidly. By September 2022, employment in the tech industry is already there. 46% ahead of 2021 And 92% from 2019 onwards. So even if you’ve never worked in the field before, there’s no reason to count yourself out. As Charlotte explained, it only took her 4 years to climb the ladder to start making 6 figures. There are certainly entry-level technical jobs available for anyone willing to work hard and learn new skills.

And as Charlotte also noted, we should never limit ourselves when applying for jobs. Often times, the “requirements” for a position are not set in stone, so you may be able to learn the necessary skills while on the job. Highlight your skills. Is, and show that you are willing to learn. As Sarah Liu, Founder and Managing Director of The Dream Collective said Civil List“Technology companies aim to solve big problems, so when considering a new role focus on your big mission and assess how your current skills and strengths can help these companies achieve or advance their mission. How can you help?”

Sometimes, it can even give you the advantage of being out in the tech field. According to Research from Glassdoor43% of positions advertised by tech companies are actually non-technical, meaning you don’t need to understand tech lingo or have a specific degree to land the job. “In fact, it can work to your advantage,” says Sarah Liu. “Many companies we work with are interested in candidates from non-tech backgrounds, especially for sales teams, because they bring a different perspective to how they interact with technology. “

The tech industry is rapidly growing and evolving, and while everyone may not be interested in joining, there is plenty of room for people who are committed, willing to learn and fill these positions. are happy to apply for those they may not qualify for on paper. Let us know in the comments how you managed to advance your career if you work in the tech industry, and then if you’re interested in learning more tech career advice from Charlotte, you can check out her TikTok Can find account. right here.

Many viewers shared how inspired they were by Charlotte’s videos in the comments.

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