“I will not give up the chips and sauce, despite the fact that I lost three stones,” says Charlotte Dawson.

CHARLOTTE Dawson looks incredible after losing the colossal three stones, but the TV host insists she refuses to curtail her diet.

The 29-year-old recently showed off an impressive body transformation, garnering huge praise from her 1.3 million Instagram followers.


Charlotte was told that after the birth of her son Noah, she is at risk of type 2 diabetesCredit: Charlotte Dawson
So she knew she needed to make some changes and get in shape.


So she knew she needed to make some changes and get in shape.Credit: David Venney

But Charlotte, who is the mom of Noah’s son with rugby player Matthew Sarsfield, makes sure she still enjoys life, even if she’s a little healthier.

Speaking exclusively for Kristen Bell Tattoos, Charlotte said, “I still have chips and sauce, but these are not extra, extra, very large servings.

“I used to have a big fish and chips, a sausage on the side, covered in sauce – it was just unnecessary. But I still enjoy myself, and I still have prosecco, but not as much as I used to.

“I used to go to the store and everyone knew me and they knew my order, and it was embarrassing.”

To get more exercise and health, Charlotte launched Belleh Blaster Chazza is a platform dedicated to getting better and better eating the Dawsy style.

Charlotte said: “I met this amazing girl named Sophie, she is a professional dancer, she is incredible, and together we came up with some little exercises. I hate boring exercise and I hate going to the gym because I feel scared.

“So I decided that I needed to do something interesting, but I’m still doing my job. And I got all these Instagram messages asking how I lost so much weight, so we made Chazza’s Belleh Blaster. ”

Charlotte first realized she needed to do something when she was told after gestational diabetes during Noah’s pregnancy that she was at risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

She said: “It popped into my head many times, and then my mom was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, but, thank God, she managed to control it. This gave me a boost that I needed to test.

“I went to the doctors in June when Noah was about five months old and the doctor basically said, ‘I can’t believe you just came here, you have such high blood sugar.’ If I went two months later I ended up on insulin, it was scary.

“I was told that I needed to get well and change my lifestyle, otherwise I could become the same as my father. [comedian Les Dawson]who had type 2 diabetes, which was one of the causes of his death.

“Hearing that shocked me. As a young mother, imagining that Noah was not around … I thought, “How can I do this? I hate exercise, I hate eating leaves … how am I going to do it? ‘”

Charlotte added, “I have a great nutritionist named Joe who told me a lot of ready-made meals I could get that were really good, low in calories and kept my blood sugar low. I couldn’t believe how amazing the prepared meals really are!

“I still enjoy myself and have what I like, but now everything is in moderation.”

Chazza’s online fitness platform Belleh Blaster is now available. The cost of the 3-month program is £ 39.99. Visit www.bellehblaster.com

Charlotte launches Chazza's Belleh Blaster


Charlotte launches Chazza’s Belleh BlasterCredit: David Venney
With fiancé Matt Sarsfield and son Noah.


With fiancé Matt Sarsfield and son Noah.Credit: instagram
Charlotte Dawson’s new mom talks about how her late father, comedian Les, motivated her to lose weight

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