IATSE Tells Members “Assume There Will Be A Strike”; Union Prepares Latest Contact Proposal For AMPTP – Deadline

Special: Hollywood is in the middle of a conversation tonight. IATSE And AMPTP Continue in the hopes of postponing the strike early next week, which could stop most industries. “Suppose there is a strike and hopefully it won’t,” the 800 local members were told at two planned virtual town halls this afternoon.

“It looks like 50/50 right now, but it could change anyway quickly with the mood of the room,” another source in the negotiations announced the deadline. At one point earlier this week, it looked like the owner of NBC Universal. Comcast The biggest obstacle was the solution. However, the overall situation has once again become more fluid.

The union has given its members a deadline of 12:01 a.m. on October 18 to hit the picket lines, soon the ball will be back in the producers’ court.

Union boss leads IATSE negotiating team in search of agreement Matt Lobe. It is working on submitting its latest proposal to AMPTP for a new three-year contract for salary increases for assistant and script coordinators, meal break penalties, rest periods and more.

Members of the Art Director’s Guild were told on Thursday, “We have exchanged with our employers and we are preparing our response for them.” Sources close to the talks confirm that the AMPTP is expecting a new proposal from the ATSE leadership today or tomorrow. The speed at which the AMPTP chief. Carol Lombardini The answer to this can set the time for the conversation to last 60 hours or more.

At the same time, with plans for more than 21 packing sites on Monday morning, the IATSE sent members a detailed set of questions about what to do, what to buy at home, where to be next week and what financial Eligible for assistance or not. Strike event Despite some congenital tensions over the strike, about 90 percent of eligible guild voters in the 60,000-member bargaining unit voted to allow the strike between October 1 and 3. As a result, even Vladimir Putin’s choice could not be won in his rigged election, with the IATSE’s smooth and legitimate vote giving Loeb and other leaders 98 percent the right to strike. I came back.

After sitting on their hands for weeks, the AMPTP returned to the virtual bargaining table with the IATSE on October 4, the day after the results were announced, but they have been in talks ever since. The IATSE said yesterday that if no agreement is reached by 12 noon on Monday, it looks like the shutdown will start and the sit-in signs will increase.

To this end, members are being asked to make sure their time cards are complete and, if possible, take their luggage and kits home on Friday.

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