Iconic ‘Breaking Bad’ Bathtub Scene Is Completely Inaccurate, According To Science

Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman fromMythbusterstook it upon themselves to test how accurate the bath scene from Breaking Bad was. Their results were slightly different from the events of the show.

The MythBusters started their experiment with a small copy. Adam began by picking up little pieces of everything that acid melted through the iconic scene, including ceramics, wood, linoleum, steel, and cast iron. The duo then took the small items to a secure lab and tested them for exposure to hydrofluoric acid. The results of a small-scale experiment did not reveal significant changes in substances. The pork they replaced with human meat was a little softer, but not as porridge as in Breaking Bad.

Dissatisfied with the results of the experiment, Adam and Jamie decided to recreate it on a much larger scale. The MythBusters team built an entire bathroom in the middle of the desert and put a whole pig carcass in the tub. To replace the two gallons of hydrofluoric acid used in Breaking Bad, Adam and Jamie used a more powerful mixture of six gallons of sulfuric acid and a mysterious ingredient they called “special sauce.” They kept the special sauce a secret so as not to teach criminals. The results were really disgusting as the mixture turned the pig into slime, but the tub and floor were left intact.

While creator and screenwriter Vince Gilligan dabbled in fantasy at some point, the result is one of the most memorable scenes in all of Breaking Bad.

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