Idris Alba’s fans say he is too old to play 007.

With the much anticipated new James Bond movie. There is no time to die. Right around the corner, fans are getting ready to say goodbye to Daniel Craig, who will be playing the role for the last time.

The film has revived the long-running debate over who can portray a spy after the English actor retires from the fake role. Idris Elba, Recently viewed Suicide Squad., Is one of the fans who would love to see as 007. Gentleman Jack. Star Soren Jones and Killing Eve. Co-starring Judy Comer, As well as MCU actress Lashana Lynch, who will appear in There is no time to die..

Idris Alba 007 is too old to play (says Idris Alba)

While many believe that Elba would be perfect for the role of Vesparin Martini and Austin Martin-loving secret service agent created by Ian Fleming, some believe that the English actor 007 is “too old” to play. Is.

“If it were a well-known actor, I would say Richard Maiden. Except he’s inside Eternal. I want an actor who is not famous. A lot of people would say Idris Elba, and he was perfect 10 years ago, but now he’s moving to 50 and the IMO is too old to start as a bond, “007 One fan wrote on Twitter.

And he wasn’t alone in thinking that 49-year-old Alba might be a little too old to play the role. It looks like the conversation started in 2016 with Elba’s interview. Where he admitted to being too old to play Bond..

At the time, the actor told ABC. Good morning usa: “I think I’m too old for that.”

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Fans will love watching Elba play the role.

However, some fans still think they will do a great job and the “too old for Bond” conversation doesn’t make much sense.

Idris Alba isn’t too old to play James Bond, he’s too black. Roger Moore was 58 when he played 007 in his 7th film. Makes it mean Roger was awesome, “one person tweeted.

“Why are people saying that Idris Elba is a very old” playbond, and yet he’s 4 years younger than Daniel Craig? ” There was another comment

While other interesting names have been put in the mix – from Jones and Kamar. Who is the doctor Star Judy Whitaker and Bridgeton.Reg-Jane Page and even. Star Wars Alum John Boyga – Here’s hoping the studios won’t pick another white man.

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Despite showing no symptoms, Idris Elba tested positive for the corona virus.

Elba reassured fans that she was OK and advised her to be “really vigilant.”

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