“If you are hiring, you better go with your A-Game” message revealing the truth about the hiring process

How The Covid-19 pandemic continues and Great retirement continues to cast a shadow over the job market, employees may now have a huge employment advantage. Changing jobs or finding a new career, in theory, should now be easier than ever due to the large number of offers, flexible working conditions and benefit packages.

This is the topic that Robinn Storey wanted to discuss. discuss on LinkedIn… The post quickly went viral and spread throughout the world. For example, Reddit user u / LowPath448 also shared with the r / antiwork community, which also sparked an important discussion there.

In his post, Robinn argues that any hiring company must showcase its “great game” because job applicants have all the options. In short, if you underestimate the offer and try to cheat the candidate, there is an even greater risk than before that they will respond to it. And you will have a vacant position that you cannot fill.

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Robinn explained that job seekers now have many options, so the companies that are hiring must bring their game.

Image credits: Robinn Storey

Most recently, I spoke with financial expert Sam Dogen, founder of the Financial Samurai project, and he said that the job market is “very hot” right now.

“Employees have more opportunities and more leverage,” he said. Bored panda that anyone who is unhappy with their current place of work or conditions has many options elsewhere. Although, of course, this can vary from sector to sector.

“If the conditions in the workplace don’t improve after you raise the issue, then definitely look for a better place elsewhere. In this market, jobseekers receive substantial bonuses, ”Sam explained to me that moving from job to job can be beneficial and can be a way of increasing your pay.

In the meantime, career trainer Jermaine Murray of JupiterHR gave me some great tips that are great for anyone applying for a job and going to a lot of interviews. He told KristenBellTattoos.com that the biggest mistake candidates and applicants make is not getting enough coverage of their achievements.

“They humble themselves when they need to brag. If you understand why the work you did was important and how it affects your organization (project), you should without restraint explain this to the interviewer. How did you do your best to make sure everything works? What creative paths have you come up with? “- said the career coach. “Show off.”

According to Jermaine, our body language and tone of voice are vital to expressing our confidence during interviews. They can make or break your application, and you “always want to be considered confident and capable.” On the other hand, self-doubt can lower your chances of getting a job.

“If your body language or tone tells you otherwise, you destroy the perception of your skills. Once this is over, your chances of getting a job increase, ”he warned.

“You can teach someone to be a better programmer, but it’s almost impossible to teach them how to be better. Recruiters will always value personality first, but technical skills second, ”he explained that recruiters value the most.

“Hiring managers take this into account and try to make sure the candidates they like can work competently. This bar is influenced by various factors based not on the candidate, but on the internal ability of the organization to support and develop someone. Once these two elements are present, hiring will take place. ”

Here’s what some Reddit users at r / antiwork have to say on the topic.

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