If You’re Having A Bad Day, These Finalists From Comedy Pet Photography Awards 2021 Are Bound To Make It Better (35 Pics)

We all know that pets can be very stupid and weird. Sometimes, instead of taking an epic shot of your puppet running, you get a picture that doesn’t look great. This is exactly what the Comedy Pet Photography Award is all about.

Each year, the awards announce the finalists for their exciting pet competition, featuring hilarious pictures of their pets from around the world. Photos are bound to bring a smile to your face and make your day better! The awards were introduced by Paul Johnson Hicks and Tom Slim. This year’s prize includes £ 2,000, a gift bag, and a personal trophy. The winners will be announced on November 24. So if you have a wild pet that likes to take fun pictures, think about joining these awards next year!

For now, let’s enjoy some of the most exciting images of 2021 and right click if you missed the 2020 contest. Here!

More information: comedypetphoto.com | Facebook | Instagram | twitter.com

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