IKWYDLS Stars Tease How the Show Differs From the Film

As such, we invite you to finish your countdown to the October 15 premiere to take a look at what the cast has to say about adaptation.

O! News: Can you talk to us about Amazon Prime Video? I know what you did last summer. Different from movie and book?

Madison Assamese: I like to think of my show as the old step sister of both film and book. We certainly pay tribute to all. And that’s good, you know, they’ve given us so much floorwork that we can get out of it. That’s how our stories begin, we have a fatal car accident; and a killer, who will literally do nothing to frighten us all. But we also have a whole new layout and we have a new cast. Our story is very character based – yes, there is a killer coming after us, but who really drives us and our stories are all secrets that everyone has … well, we have smartphones! I’m sure the 90’s cast would have liked to have an iPhone then. So, it also plays a big part.

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