“I’ll be busy tonight”: Company executives expect staff to spend $30 each for the corporate Christmas party.

Christmas is coming, that magical moment is just around the corner when all the relatives or friends will gather for a festive party in anticipation of the real Christmas magic, and there will be no room for any bad feelings on this joyous evening… Or not.

Not all employees like festive corporate parties – after all, in many companies it is not done from the bottom of their hearts, but only because it is necessary to observe corporate values ​​etc. And the events themselves are often pretty boring, so many employees honestly admit they just come for the free food… or not.


This particular story It first surfaced a few days ago On the Reddit Antiwork community, and u/caribbeanrumcake’s post managed to get over 7.1K upvotes and almost 1K different comments in a short amount of time. To say that Redditors were shocked would be a gross understatement. So let’s see what happened there.

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The author of the post works for a company that plans to have a combined Christmas and Thanksgiving party.

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The author of the original post works for a company that is planning a company party for Thanksgiving in early December and the upcoming Christmas. The administrator, as usual, sent messages to all the staff this time about the upcoming dinner, but the employees were not exactly pleasantly surprised.


"I will be busy tonight.": Company executives expect staff to spend $30 each for the corporate Christmas party.

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Superiors told staff they wanted them to pay $30 if they planned to attend the party.

It turns out that this time, anyone who wants to come to the party and enjoy some tacos has to pay $30, and they’re allowed to bring a guest as long as That they don’t have children. The money left over after ordering tacos, the management plans to spend on purchasing various drinks. Then there was the deadline to donate money for the organization of the event.

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This is not to say that the author of the post and his colleagues are such big fans of freebies, but to see the faces of people with whom you spend eight hours a day after a working day. Pay 30 dollars to see, you see, precious. And, in principle, all the global traditions of corporate events mean that everything is done at the expense of the company, not the employees.

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Commentators believed that the company must be having a hard time financially, yet the author noted that it was doing well.

We must say that many people in the comments were also angry at the behavior of the company’s management, but also warned the original poster that such a move was an alarming one. The company may not be doing well with money, so it may be time for employees to polish their resumes. To this, however, the author of the post responded that the company was doing well financially, and he liked to brag about it – including at corporate events.

However, this is the first time since 2018 that employees have been asked to work.

According to the general manager, the original poster says, the budget they’ve been given is $500, while the taquero’s is $1500, so he just wanted the employees to make up the difference. The author of the post also admitted that he has been working with the company since 2018 and this is the first such case in his memory. Dinner is always a good job or whatever cooks in the kitchen with $500 for the staff, the OP recalled.

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Perhaps the funniest comment the original poster received was “I’ll be busy tonight. Keep your tikuro!” On the other hand, as the OP points out, there are currently 44 people working at the company, so someone is bound to come to the party. Plus all their kids and one of their guests. Usually, more. Chances are, management will once again have an opportunity to brag about its incredible financial success.

One of the people in the comments said that he has worked for more than thirty years in various companies and teams, attended hundreds of corporate events – and always, absolutely always, sponsored these events by the company. was going So, as commentators say, such behavior on the part of superiors is completely unacceptable and even outrageous.

If you have ever paid to attend a corporate party, we are already looking forward to this interesting story. But even if not – comments are always greatly appreciated, so please leave them below this post.

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