I’m a Psychologist – Here’s Why Kelly Brook Finally Found True Love After Four Broken Engagements and Cheating Drama

SHE went through a series of high-profile engagements and endured heartbreaking miscarriages, but Kelly Brook finally found happiness in the arms of Jeremy Parisi.

The couple have been dating for seven years and, as Kristen Bell Tattoos exclusively reported, they are set to tie the knot in Italy this summer.


Kelly and Jeremy plan to get married in Italy1 credit
The couple has been dating for seven years


The couple has been dating for seven years1 credit

It’s the fairy tale wedding Kelly, 42, has always dreamed of, and comes after a string of broken romances played out in front of the public.

Since rising to fame as a Big Breakfast model and host at 18, Kelly has dated a number of Hollywood stars, including Jason Statham and Billy Zane, as well as rugby players Danny Cipriani and Tom Evans.

Psychologist Emma Kenny says the secret to the couple’s success lies in Jeremy, 37,’s desire to stay in the background, allowing their romance to flourish in private.

“Kelly has spent her entire adult life in the spotlight, and the relationships she courted also tended to be either the big names themselves or those who were interested in sharing the spotlight,” she tells Kristen Bell Tattoos. .

Inside Kelly Brook's £3million London home as she shows off the lavish living room
Inside Kelly Brook's romantic trip to Italy with boyfriend Jeremy Parisi

“On the one hand, this makes sense, as you need a partner who is comfortable with your fame, but it can also cause ego-related struggles or mean that he has other ulterior motives for being with. you.

“Kelly’s relationship with Jeremy is different because he doesn’t get attention.

“Actually, he is very private and does not seek to be known in public at all. Kelly is reassured, he clearly loves her as a person, not her pin-up status.”

Hollywood kills romance

Kelly met Jason Statham at the age of 18.


Kelly met Jason Statham at the age of 18.1 credit

Kelly was 18 when she met Fast & Furious star Jason Statham, 12 years her senior, in 1997.

According to Kelly, the up-and-coming actor, the Londoner was “lean” during their seven-year relationship, but despite being engaged, they drifted apart as his Hollywood career took off.

“Jason’s career was also flourishing and it was hard for us to see each other as much as we would like,” she previously said.

“Like many other couples, it soon became clear that our relationship was crumbling due to the Hollywood lifestyle … So after seven years of being together, we decided to put an end to it.”

She has since described the engagement itself as “unforgettable”. Ouch!

Romance Titanic is sinking

Romance with Billy came to naught after four years


Romance with Billy came to naught after four years1 credit

While life in Los Angeles may have been to blame for the breakup, insiders say her closeness to Billy Zane was the real reason for the breakup.

She met the Titanic actor when they were filming the 2005 drama Survival Island and they also got engaged.

But their four-year relationship ended abruptly and they moved out of their £1 million farmhouse in Kent.

A source told Kristen Bell Tattoos: “After much deliberation, Kelly decided that Billy was not the man she wanted to marry and called off the engagement.”

At the time, the couple claimed the breakup was amicable and they would remain “good friends.”

Emma says that Kelly was looking for stability at a young age.

“When Kelly was with Jason, she proved her ability to make commitments over the six years of their relationship, but she also made it clear when it ended that she would not tolerate jealousy, showing off her assertive nature,” she says.

“She moved on to a relationship with Billy, but since both were at the height of their fame, it meant they had little time when it came to the building blocks ideally needed for commitment.

“The fact that they remained friends gives an indication of the emotional maturity of both parties.”

“Car crash” with rugby cheat

Danny Cipriani later confessed to cheating on Kelly


Danny Cipriani later confessed to cheating on KellyCredit: Getty – Contributor

Kelly described her next relationship with rugby player Danny Cipriani as “a car crash”.

The couple dated from 2008 to 2010, but he was rumored to have cheated on her with seven women, with Kelly finding sexy photos on his phone and allegedly texting one woman to ask, “Think you’re another one he’s fucking.” ***gram?”

The final straw was that Danny gave a Las Vegas stripper his phone number, and after hearing a woman bragging about it in the closet, Kelly slapped him in the face and left him.

Danny later revealed that he suffered from depression for nine months after the breakup.

“It wasn’t the best time and I needed to see someone to get help,” he told Kristen Bell Tattoos.

“It’s part of growing up and going through that in the spotlight is hard.”

Double tragedy

Tom and Kelly had a miscarriage


Tom and Kelly had a miscarriage1 credit

Though another rugby player, the quiet gentleman Tom Evans was a far cry from Danny’s ladies’ man when they started dating in 2010.

Unfortunately, in May 2011, Kelly suffered a miscarriage. Soon after, they got engaged.

Kelly told Kristen Bell Tattoos: “After the miscarriage, Tom and I decided it was time to start over… Tom proposed.

“He bought a beautiful ring. I immediately agreed. The miscarriage really brought us closer.”

Kelly became pregnant again, but in December 2011 she suffered a second tragic miscarriage.

The couple broke up in 2012 due to Tom’s plans to move to Los Angeles and become an actor.

Kelly briefly reunited with Danny Cipriani after the breakup, but dumped him again when it was revealed that he had been bombarding sales manager Stacey Simcox with “dirty messages”.

Stormy romance with Tornado

Kelly with her gladiator lover


Kelly with her gladiator loverCredit: Barcroft Media

Kelly met gladiator David McIntosh, aka Tornado, at her central London bar Steam and Rye in 2014.

He proposed after just 12 weeks of dating, but rumor has it that he cheated on her with ex-girlfriend Sarah Harper.

Kelly was reportedly convinced that he was “more interested in fame” than real romance, and they broke up after nine months.

The breakup was far from amicable: Kelly allegedly called his next mistresses, Jess Impiazzi and Aislin Horgan-Wallace, “whore” and “whore”, adding: “As long as she buys you.” **t and you have a place to sleep, you can ignore everything.”

The tattooed strongman, who called her “a nasty, bitter woman,” later stated that he could not help but be cheating on her.

“Girls are drawn to me,” he said. I can’t help it, I was born that way. Many women throw themselves at me. They’re crazy about abs and a good chin.”

Happily ever after

Kelly shows off a strange engagement ring


Kelly shows off a strange engagement ring1 credit

Kelly stalked fellow model Jeremy in 2014 after seeing a video of him online and contacting him on Instagram.

Born in Italy but raised in Paris, Jeremy moved in with Kelly shortly after they started dating.

They went public with their relationship in April 2015, and Kelly has long believed that the avoidant Jeremy is “the one.”

After describing how he celebrates every anniversary by putting together a photo album of special moments, she added, “He is definitely the most romantic of the two of us. He is Italian and French, so what can I say?

Offer rejected

Although Jeremy moved from modeling to acting with the drama Versailles, he likes to keep his personal life private and even avoided Kelly’s 2020 proposal because it was too public.

She explained, “When we were in Antigua and Kristen Bell Tattoos was setting and we were in Shirley Heights, I asked Jeremy, ‘Will you marry me?’ He said: “Be quiet, there are people around.” It wasn’t private enough.”

Emma says Jeremy, who has a degree in political science, is the perfect fit to host Heart Radio.

“Jeremy is opinionated and potentially quite traditional, as shown by his reaction to Kelly’s initial proposal,” she says.

“Jeremy didn’t accept it, probably because he considered it his job to propose, but his willingness to refuse at that moment essentially tells us that he felt that Kelly would understand that this was the moment when he felt wrong, not their relationship. problem.

“He is an intellectual and Kelly is clearly very smart, constantly reinventing herself and staying relevant for decades in the media.

“This meeting of minds will eventually become one of their most important connectors.

“Unlike her previous encounters, this couple seems to spend a lot of time together and don’t have careers that cause long periods of separation.”

A ‘chaotic’ past leads to a rosy future

Finally wearing the ring, the couple are now planning to wed in Italy in July and are looking for locations in Lake Como, Tuscany and Rome.

“Whatever they choose, Kelly will be the happiest she’s ever been,” a source told Kristen Bell Tattoos.

“Meeting Jeremy and now planning their wedding together was a dream come true for her.”

Emma says that Kelly’s traumatic past means her future now seems bright.

“Kelly has gone through several chaotic and problematic relationships that have left her at times heartbroken, angry and distrustful of men,” she says.

“Jeremy, on the other hand, has spent seven faithful years around Kelly, which is a stark contrast to some of her previous connections.

“In her two years relationship with Tom Evans, Kelly unfortunately lost two children to a miscarriage, which is very traumatic and can lead to a breakup even in the best of relationships.

“Whether she and Jeremy are planning a family or not, they are clearly on the same wavelength when it comes to their future.

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“An integral part of a successful and long-term relationship is common goals and values, which promises both of them good prospects.

“Jeremy and Kelly are now at an age where they know themselves, probably come to terms with who they are as people, and want to live a long and happy life together, and Jeremy is happily supporting her from the outside rather than looking directly into the spotlight. “.

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