I’m honestly fed up with all the bad news, so I pictured the 112 best people from 2021

We are often bombarded with fear-mongering and shocking headlines that make us think the world is falling apart.

While it is important to report problems and issues, I believe that there is much good in this world that needs to be discovered and promoted. This is especially true after the past few years when we have been faced with COVID, political and social unrest, and far more negative headlines than we care to count.

That’s why I started The Happy Broadcast and this year, so I’m very proud to announce whole, free happiness app. WHOLE is a culmination of what was started 4 years ago with The Happy Broadcast, a positive space full of activities aimed at improving your mental health and happiness. We’ve partnered with science to identify activities that are known to boost happiness, and then built them into a daily tracker that suggests simple things to do to boost your mood.

Consuming positive news is a known activity that can boost your outlook and mood. We need more positive news to accept that the world is indeed slowly getting better. So, with that said, here are some top performing positive news examples from 2021.

You can see my previous articles about The Happy Broadcast bored panda here (2020), here (coronavirus), And here (2019), And if you want to read about the gospel in more detail and see the sources I used, you can go to on my website, here,

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