I’m obsessed with the dress Pippa Middleton wore to her brother’s wedding

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  • It’s been a great week for the Middleton family. Kate Middleton wore the most dreamy self-portrait dress. for a stop. Last night’s event, when we finally got a glimpse of her new sister-in-law. Eliza Middleton’s wedding dress., Which was exactly the same dress that Carol Middleton wore on her wedding day in 1980.

    Now the dress that Pippa Middleton wore to her brother’s wedding in the south of France has also appeared and it is a matter of beauty.

    According to Hello!, Who posted photos of this week’s big day, Pepa wore a pink floral dress, a London-based label that Kate wore earlier.

    This string is made from Crepe de Chain and is printed with a floral pattern, and it has ruffles on the cape style neck and ankle length hem, as well as a subtle aspect distribution that creates a carefree movement. Is. You can wear it around your waist if you want with a tie belt.

    It comes in a pink color that she wore, as well as a cornflower blue design that is just as beautiful. Both are currently available for purchase in sizes 6 to 16.

    Beowulf is also a durable brand, partly because the royal family can’t stop wearing it.

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