In a Twitter thread, people are sharing 59 stories about workers who quit their jobs in style.

Quitting your job can be as scary as it is exciting. The mental gymnastics that go into deciding whether or not to move forward, especially when 4 workers in 1 Planning to look for a new job in the new year usually makes it a daunting task… unless, of course, you’re giving your workplace two weeks’ notice that allows you to quit. There is a strong hatred.

Traditionally, employees quietly announce their departure, move out, and move on to bigger adventures. But some workers take the opportunity to add a little drama and spice to the workplace. Whether it’s people being pushed to their breaking points or realizing they’re not getting paid enough to put up with horrible bosses and their antics, the corporate world is full of juicy stories where people take things to the theater. They wave and say, “I’m out”.

Recently, a Twitter user who goes by the handle @metroadlib It went viral after sharing how a woman in her office famously resigned. After a month’s vacation in Europe, he resigned on his return. “No notice. Just bounced,” the woman wrote. “His victory is now an office story.” The thread became an instant hit as hundreds of people chimed in with similar stories. Scroll down to find some wild tweets, upvote your favorites, and be sure to share your stories with us in the comments!

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