In Jack Ging’s career, one role stands above the rest

“Riptide” had a brief run on NBC where it ended its time on the network after three seasons and a TV movie. But after its cancellation, the series moved to the US network, where it became a familiar staple for 80s kids who spent their days watching syndicated action movies while doing their homework. It’s a series that lasted a surprisingly long time and later appeared on older networks like getTV and Decades. The entire series can be viewed for free at crackling also. It features Jack Ging’s most recognizable role as Lieutenant Ted Quinlan, the official spoiler for the show’s gay gang.

Quinlan runs into Cody Allen (Perry King), Murray “Boz” Bozinski (Tom Bray), and Nick Ryder (Joe Penny), who together run a private detective agency from Cody’s Riptide-titled boat. The self-righteous Quinlan represents all the law and order that the three rogues have shunned since they left the army, but more often than not, he relied on them and their work, and vice versa. The role allows Jing to be serious, funny, and tough, and even allows for a bit of romantic courtship, making it one of his most layered roles. But Quinlan did not live to see the end of the series; he was killed during episode 8 of season 3 “Requiem for Icarus”. By then, Cody, Boz, and Nick already considered Ted to be something of a friend, and his death was devastating to the team.

Fast Wave still enjoys a cult following and remains the actor’s most memorable role on the small screen.

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