In the trailer for Jeffrey Dahmer’s story, everyone says the same thing about Evan Peters’ infamous cannibal

American Horror Story is known for pushing the boundaries with an abundance of unique and disturbing scenes. More often than not, the supernatural elements pale in comparison to the sickening depictions of what humans are capable of doing to one another. This aspect has already spooked and thrilled fans with Jeffrey Dahmer’s captivating portrayal of Evan Peters.

AT trailer for Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story, Evan Peters brings an emotional nuance that reminds viewers of the tiny bit of humanity left inside the monster. Peters’ past performances have prompted him to take on a monstrous cannibal whose fans already praised for his astounding acting range and unsettling intensity. One fan especially tweeted: “Evan Peters is a phenomenal actor. It looks scary and mesmerizing at the same time.” Another user applauds his acting skills stating “Evan Peters plays the characters so well. What can’t this man do?

Perilously close to Dahmer sits Nisi Nash as his therapist, Glenda Cleveland. The Emmy winner also has experience working with Ryan Murphy, who played Denise Hemphill in the slasher comedy Scream Queens. In a gripping scene, Dahmer offers her a mysterious meat sandwich, which she refuses to eat without knowing its contents. Viewers familiar with Dahmer’s story will shift restlessly as they stare at uncomfortable close-ups of Manwich while yelling serious warnings to Cleveland not to eat it. The series will premiere on September 21 exclusively on Netflix, if you dare.

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