In This Viral Post Someone Explains Why Getting Back in the Office Culture Is a Tool to Control Us

2020. In Pew Research Center reports By the height of the pandemic, most workers said their job responsibilities could be done primarily from home, but before the pandemic, they rarely or never teleworked before 2020. At the time of the survey, 71% of them were doing their job. from home or most of the time. To date, many companies have already implemented long-term remote work as a sustainable model for their workforce.

Now, with vaccines, our lives are returning to normal, he says. ‘Back to office’ from the pre-Covid world is such a ‘normalcy’ that many employees today are expected to do, although it has become clear that most of our work can be done in PJs (just like Effectively, if not more) ) So what’s up with it? Well, This post is on Tumblr. shared on There are some illuminating answers.

Not only does the author dismiss the workplace culture of the office and the flaws beneath it, it shows how our employers use models to control us. And today when the old system is crumbling, the future of work is being seen in the hands of the people.

In this published post, the author uses a metaphor of the panopticon to show how the traditional work from office model is used as a power tool to control its employees.

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And here’s how the author explained his theory

Author claims the pandemic has shuffled the cards for big bosses, who were forced to implement radical changes

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And here is the solution to this whole situation, according to the author of the post

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Many people showed their support for the arguments listed above.

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