Independence Day is worse than you thought


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Every July, Americans gather to celebrate an important part of the legacy of blowing things up and celebrating when it happens, and there’s no better film to epitomize this typically patriotic impulse than 1996’s Independence Day. Led by The Fresh Prince himself and Jeff Goldblum from the Jurassic Park era, among others, this film’s intrepid central gang, including renowned American President Bill Pullman, must rally after a mysterious alien race has attacked the United States, choosing July 4th to launch. . attack on their own because this group of Americans are unfamiliar with the concept of “subtlety”.

Between aliens who don’t have normal mouths and the fact that Will Smith once slapped an alien (which definitely sounds completely unfamiliar), there’s a lot of weird stuff going on in “Independence Day,” and “Okay, so basically” is here to talk about it. Snapchat as well as YouTube. From those aforementioned weird alien mouths to super old spaceships, there’s a lot to get into, so watch the video to really get into it.

So basically covers a lot of things on YouTube as well as Snapchatwhether you are interested in “Independence Day”, “Blushing” or “Morbius”. As for Independence Day, it can be streamed on Disney+.

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