Inside Big Brother winner Kate Lawler’s romantic honeymoon in Italy with new husband, delicious food and sightseeing

KATE Lawler wasted no time in celebrating her wedding with her husband Martin Boitos how they honeymoon in style in Italy.

The former Virgin Radio presenter, 42, married Martin, whom she affectionately calls Bodge, in London last week and keeps fans updated on their glamorous getaway.


Kate Lawler and her husband Martin Boitos are on their honeymoon in Italy.1 credit

They flew out to Lake Como, but Kate was amazed that they thought I had food poisoning.

“I slept all day yesterday and slept last night but still don’t feel well,” Kate told her fans on her Instagram stories.

But she managed to get up for breakfast as Martin joked that he had a “honeymoon for one”.

“Yesterday, while I was sleeping, he went out alone three times,” Kate explained.

Then the TV star thought that she had caught a cold from their 16-month-old daughter Noah.

Martin showed fans a stunning view of Lake Como and then took a glimpse of their hotel room.

“The new room has a pool,” he joked over a photo of a modern bathtub.

He admired his wife, photographing her at dinner, sipping wine in a white strapless top and green trousers.

Kate styled her blonde hair into a low ponytail and accessorized with dangling shell earrings.

She showed off a custom-made straw bag with the words “Mrs. K.B.” written on the handles.

“Ladies and gentlemen…my wife,” Martin captioned the post.

At their wedding, Kate looked stunning in an off-the-shoulder lace gown with a pointed tiara and a thin veil that fell from her immaculately coiffed blonde hair.

The bride-to-be arrived at the Shoreditch venue in a white Rolls Royce and was all smiles as the audience wished her well.

Martin has already arrived in his cream-colored tuxedo, white shirt, black trousers and matching bow tie.

After the wedding, the couple walked out of the church holding hands as Kate carried a bouquet of pink peonies.

When they left the reception, they were showered with colorful confetti.

Their friends and family gathered around them to take pictures on the stone stairs.

Martin held their daughter Noah, 16 months old, who was wearing a white dress.

Kate threw her hands up in excitement as she applauded during the outdoor photo shoot.

The couple then hopped into a luxurious Rolls Royce to head to the reception as Kate gazed lovingly at her new husband.

Back in 2018, Kate announced her happy engagement on Instagram and told fans that their beloved dog Baxter was part of her special moment.

Kate, who became the first woman to win the 2002 Big Brother series, said she spent a weekend in Bruges, Belgium with “the two loves of her life” when Martin asked a question about a stunning diamond ring.

Along with a photo of herself and her new fiancé, nicknamed Boy, Kate said: “What a weekend in Bruges with the two loves of my life.

“Thank you for making me the happiest girl in the universe, Big Bodge. I am in seventh heaven with happiness that now I am your fiancé. [sic].”

Love Island fans refer to the
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Her wedding is going to be even more special after Kate’s recent health struggle that landed her in the hospital.

She then quit her radio job in an attempt to “take care” of herself.

Kate carried a bag marked


Kate carried a bag marked “Mrs. K.B.”1 credit
Martin went on the tour on his own after Kate fell ill and spent the day in bed.


Martin went on the tour on his own after Kate fell ill and spent the day in bed.1 credit
He showed off his glamorous hotel room


He showed off his glamorous hotel room1 credit
Kate and Martin got married in London on June 11th.


Kate and Martin got married in London on June 11th.1 credit

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