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Inside Gemma Collins, a difficult relationship and a break with Rami Hawash

GEMMA Collins revealed that she is engaged for the second time to Rami Hawash and they plan to get married soon.

The couple had a long history – they got engaged, then broke up, then rekindled and broke up again, ever since they “got engaged” again and planned to “forever be together.”


Gemma Collins of Toey first met Rami Awash in 2011.Credit: Rex

Former star Toey, 40, and Rami, 46, first met in 2011, enjoyed a romantic relationship for three years before breaking up in 2014.

They got engaged in 2013 when he proposed by hiding a diamond ring in Christmas pudding.

They reunited briefly in 2017, but Gemma returned with James Argent shortly after. However, last year she named the time for this uneasy relationship forever.

In April, it was revealed that Gemma and Rami had been dating secretly for six months.

They were spotted enjoying a romantic sushi dinner where they kissed and hugged in public, taking cute selfies throughout the evening.

Rami owns a car repair company in Romford, Essex and is the father of his three-year-old son, Tristan, who is being kept out of the public eye.

Gemma was recently spotted spending time with Tristan and admitted that her role as stepmother made her “definitely ready to have a baby.”

Rami has appeared on Tovey before, briefly in Episode 9, when he flew to Marbella to see Gemma.

However, after only a few episodes, the couple urged everyone to leave and he never returned.

Rami was featured on the program many times as the couple continued their temporary relationship.

Gemma and Rami’s love story resumed last year after they rekindled a flame during their isolation.

In 2021, things got serious again, and the couple sparked rumors of an upcoming wedding after Gemma was taken off with an engagement ring.

She revealed that the ring she was spotted wearing was the original engagement ring that Rami gave her years ago.

“He paid for the ring years ago, but I only wear it if I’m with the Rav or my guard Sid.” Gemma explained by referencing her buddy and former Towie star Joey Essex after his £ 10,000 Rolex watch was stolen from him in 2012 under threat of a knife on the street.

In an interview with TimeGemma talked about planning a wedding with her mom and why the couple didn’t go public more about their second engagement.

“Yes, but we can’t go out and say anything yet, because Ram was married before and his documents weren’t received, so until they were officially signed, we didn’t say anything.

“They haven’t been together for two years. I know her, she has a partner, she is like gold.

“A child is involved, he is only three years old, obviously, I love him to death.

“But until these documents are signed, I cannot leave.”

The usually flamboyant Gemma also surprised fans when she announced that she wanted to host an intimate wedding at the Dorchester Hotel in London.

“We discussed [the wedding] yesterday me and mom. I said, “You know what, I know it sounds strange, but I probably wouldn’t want to fuss today,” Gemma explained.

“Rent a nice room there, Mom and Dad, stay there, my brother, his wife and two children.”

The Dorchester Hotel is located on Park Lane and is one of the most famous hotels in the world and a popular wedding venue.

The couple's uneasy relationship lasted three years and included numerous breakups.


The couple’s uneasy relationship lasted three years and included numerous breakups.Credit: Flynet Pictures.
But they rekindled their romance during the quarantine last year and quickly got very serious.


But they rekindled their romance during the quarantine last year and quickly got very serious.Credit: Getty
They are


They are “re-engaged” to Gemma with the original wedding ring that Rami proposed in 2013.Credit: ISO images.
Gemma Collins slept radiantly with boyfriend Rami Hawash after sparking engagement rumors

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