Inside Gemma Collins’ love story with fiancé Rami, when her ex Towie James Argent mocks the engagement

Gemma Collins revealed last month that she is engaged to Rami Hawash for the second time and recently had to endure her ex-James “Arg” Argent making fun of her weekend milestone.

The couple in love has a long history – betrothal, then parting, then rebirth and parting again, until now, when they became “re-engaged” and plan their “forever together.”


Gemma Collins is happily engaged to partner Rami Hawash
Her ex, James


Her ex, James “Arg” Argent, jokingly asked her to cancel this during a drunken night.

Former star Towie, 40, and Rami, 46, first met in 2011, enjoying an affair for three years before breaking up in 2014.

They got engaged in 2013 when he proposed by hiding a diamond ring in a Christmas pudding.

They reunited briefly in 2017, but Gemma returned with James Argent shortly after. However, she broke up with this rocky relationship last year.

In April, it was revealed that Gemma and Rami had been dating secretly for six months.

They were spotted at a romantic sushi dinner, kissing and hugging in public, taking cute selfies throughout the evening.

Rami owns a car repair company in Romford, Essex and is the father of his three-year-old son, Tristan, who is being kept out of the public eye.

Gemma was recently seen hanging out with Tristan, and she confessed that her role as stepmother made her “definitely ready to have a baby.”

Rami had appeared on Toey earlier, briefly in season nine, when he flew to Marbella to see Gemma.

However, after just a few episodes, the couple broke up and he never returned.

Rami was featured on the program many times as the couple continued their relationship.


Gemma and Rami’s love story began again in 2020 after they rekindled the flames during the lockdown.

Things got really serious again in 2021 and the couple sparked rumors of an upcoming wedding after Gemma was photographed with an engagement ring.

She revealed that the ring she was seen wearing was the original wedding ring that Rami had given her many years ago.

“He paid for the ring years ago, but I only wear it if I’m with the Rav or my guard Sid.” Gemma explained by referencing her buddy and former Towie star Joey Essex after his £ 10,000 Rolex watch was stolen from him in 2012, threatening to stab him in the street.


In an interview with TimeGemma spoke about planning a wedding with her mom and why the couple weren’t more public about their second engagement.

“Yes, but we can’t go out and say something yet, because Ram was married before and his documents didn’t go through, so until it was officially signed, we didn’t say anything.

“They haven’t been together for two years. I know her, she has a partner, she is worth her weight in gold.

“A child is involved here, he is only three years old, obviously, I love him to death. But until these documents are signed, I cannot leave. “

The usually flamboyant Gemma also surprised fans when she announced that she wanted an intimate wedding at the Dorchester Hotel in London.

The Dorchester Hotel, located on Park Lane, is one of the most recognizable hotels in the world and a popular wedding venue.


Meanwhile, her ex-James jokingly demanded that she cancel her engagement to Rami Hawash during a drunken night out with pals.

Former star Towie Arg, 34, was pictured laughing while holding a sign that read “GC cancel your engagement !!!” scribbled it while watching the PDC World Darts Championship at London’s Alexandra Palace.

Jade Goody’s husband Jack Tweed hysterically pointed at the sign while another friend beamed from a chair next to them.

The guys seemed to be in awe of the event, with jugs of beer and pints lined up on their tables.

Arg, who lost a whopping 11 stones this year after life-saving stomach surgery, looked fit and healthy at the Ally Pally in a navy jumper and jeans.

He and Gemma enjoyed a multi-year romance following her split from Rami in 2014.

It finally came to an end last year when James revealed that he wants an open relationship after battling his cocaine addiction.

And things got bad when Arg branded her a “hippo” in rude WhatsApp correspondence.

In an interview with The Times, Gemma stated that she saved the life of a recovering drug addict Arg three times, but received no thanks.

Arg recently told Kristen Bell Tattoos how he feared he would eat himself to death as his weight had increased to 27 stones after fighting drugs.

Now at a healthier 15 stone and 7 pounds, Arg admitted to being addicted to fast food, sodas and snacks before turning to surgery.

Gemma and Rami recently


Gemma and Rami recently “got engaged” to the star wearing the original wedding ring that Rami made in 2013.
The couple in love first met in 2011.


The couple in love first met in 2011.
Arg spent a rowdy night playing darts with friends last month and jokingly urged her to cancel her engagement.


Arg spent a rowdy night playing darts with friends last month and jokingly urged her to cancel her engagement.
Arg had a long-term affair with Gemma.


Arg had a long-term affair with Gemma.
Gemma Collins’ fiance Rami praises her as a “real mom” for her son as she admits she didn’t have time for sex.

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