Inside Jamie Lee’s daughter Curtis Ruby’s cosplay-themed wedding with a rainbow tent and wild costumes

Jamie Lee Curtis’ daughter Ruby had a massive cosplay wedding over the weekend.

Here is a look inside the marriage.


Jamie Lee Curtis with daughter and daughter-in-law at cosplay weddingCredit: Instagram/curtisleejamie
Ruby Guest and her wife Kinthia embrace after their wedding


Ruby Guest and her wife Kinthia embrace after their weddingCredit: Instagram/curtisleejamie

Jamie’s daughter, Ruby, is transgender.

She was born male and her dead name was Tom.

Daughter Jamie declared herself transgender in 2020.

However, now Ruby, a Youtube video editor, is happier than ever living with her new wife, Kinthia.

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The couple married on May 29, 2022 after several years of engagement.

Kintia was the first person to be told by 26-year-old Ruby that she was transgender, and she stayed by her side all this time.

The wedding was all about cosplay and everyone was in costume, including Jamie Lee.

There was also a huge rainbow tent filled with balloons.


Jamie Lee was not only the mother of the bride, but also took on the role of an attendant.

The 63-year-old singer shared several photos of the happy couple on her Instagram.

The first photo she shared was of her and the couple in costume.

“SWEET WIFE! Ruby and Kinthia. 05/29/2022,” she signed the photo.

Jamie Lee dressed up as Jaina Proudmoore from World of Warcraft.

The couple, as well as the guests, were asked to dress up as someone from this universe.

She shared another photo of the couple after they officially got married.

Ruby and Kynthia hugged and were about to kiss when the guests behind them cheered.

β€œYES, THEY DO AND DID IT! GOT WEDDED! RUBY and KINTIA 05/29/2022,” the Halloween actress signed the post.

The wedding took place in Jamie Lee’s backyard.


Jamie Lee lives with her husband Christopher Guest at their home in the Hollywood Hills.

By the wedding, it had become a cosplay dream and a rainbow tent.

In the third post, made by Jamie, she was wearing a shirt that said “Wife is sweet” with a cartoon picture of her daughter and her wife hugging.

Under the photo were their names and the date of their wedding.

Standing in a rainbow tent filled with balloons and ribbons, the actress couldn’t help but mention one of her most famous roles, Halloween.

A house in the Hollywood Hills turned into a Halloween backyard when Jamie Lee posed with cake cutters with her other hand on her hip.

“YOU CAN’T DO THIS! The ONLY thing left at the end of this whole BEAUTIFUL wedding after everything was cleared away was that fucking BUTCHER KNIFE they used to cut the tiramisu wedding cake with! WIFE IS SWEET! @halloweenmovie 10/14/22 @cafeugo @shophappytimes,” she captioned the post.

In the next photo of the post, the knife lay next to a rainbow-colored sign that read “Toilet” on a table.


Ever since Ruby told her parents that she was transgender, Jamie Lee and Christopher have only supported her.

Jamie talked about Ruby’s transition – with Ruby’s permission – in an interview with AARP Journal.

Ruby is one of two children adopted by Jamie and Christopher.

The couple also have a daughter, Annie, 35, who works as a dance instructor.

Jamie said that Ruby’s transition helped her get rid of the “old idea” that gender is fixed and accept the concept that her life is “permanent metamorphosis”.

The Knives Out star and director Christopher don’t have any grandchildren yet, but Jamie admitted she’s “hoping” for one soon.

It took Jamie Lee and her husband some time to “learn some new terminology and words” but they were determined to get to work.

Congratulations to the happy couple!

Jamie Lee Curtis parodies Halloween at daughter's wedding


Jamie Lee Curtis parodies Halloween at daughter’s weddingCredit: Instagram/curtisleejamie
Rainbow themed tent and "restroom" sign and cake knife


Rainbow-themed tent with ‘toilet’ sign and cake cutter.Credit: Instagram/curtisleejamie
Jamie Lee Curtis with his daughter before moving to the theatrical premiere of Funimation Films Presents


Jamie Lee Curtis with his daughter before moving to the theatrical premiere of Funimation Films Presents “One Piece Film: Gold” on January 5, 2017.1 credit

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