Inside Katie Price’s 22-year nasty feud with Victoria Beckham as she ends it with a surprise Instagram post

Katie Price ended her 22-year bitter feud with Victoria Beckham with a surprise social media post.

The media personality took to her Instagram stories to praise 48-year-old fashion designer Victoria for her ‘stunning’ looks.



Katie had a longstanding feud with the former Spice Girl.1 credit
Katie reposted Victoria's Vogue cover to end their feud


Katie reposted Victoria’s Vogue cover to end their feud1 credit

Katie, 43, and Victoria have been embroiled in a nasty feud for over two decades that started back in 1999.

It allegedly started when the former glamor model claimed that Victoria sang the hit Baha Men Who Let The Dogs Out? she has.

The mother-of-five, who became pregnant by eldest son Harvey, 19, after having an affair with David Beckham teammate Dwight Yorke, said it all started in the Manchester United lounge.

“Years ago she sang this song and that started it all,” Kathy said of the time she tried to approach her to chat.

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Things later went from bad to worse after Victoria wore a fake lip ring on stage after being released from the Spice Girls.


As part of her brief career in the Garage music world, she showed off an edgier style at Party in the Park in 2000.

Kathy then stated: “It was really pathetic. I have an 11-year-old sister whose age group loves to copy what pop stars do, so I know the impact she has on fans.”


While Victoria is reading a magazine, she strikes back: “Jordan does a full front with her crotch and boobs out.

“She says I’m a bad influence by wearing a fake ring? I think she’s ugly. I hate to think where she has the fake ring.”

The tense feud then got worse when Katie opened up about seeing the couple turn against each other.

She claimed that David, 47, “held her hand behind Victoria’s back” before savagely hitting her appearance.

“She has a handsome husband, a little boy and all the money in the world,” Katy said when asked about Victoria.

“She doesn’t have looks, but you can’t have everything.”

In 2004, she called Victoria an “average” appearance, stating, “I don’t think she’s pretty, I don’t think she looks good.”

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Then, in 2012, Katy rekindled her war of words with Victoria after branding her a “suffering Spice”, criticizing her for letting fans down.

The I’m A Celebrity star was furious that Posh Spice didn’t smile for the cameras at the launch of the Spice Girls musical Viva Forever.

She said, “Take Misery Spice, who couldn’t smile at all the fans who made her who she is.

“It was more like she was thinking, ‘I’m in vogue now, dudes. All of this is SO below me.” you undress.


In 2016, Katy lashed out at the star again when she claimed that Victoria had “terrible teeth” when she appeared in Loose Women.

As the group discussed how they didn’t like the fact that the former Spice Girl wasn’t smiling in the photos, Katy threw in a scathing comment.

“It’s because she has terrible teeth, I’m sorry, but they are,” she said.

Then, in 2017, Katy slapped Victoria Cruz’s 17-year-old son when he was seen singing the Charlie Puth song in a social media video.

“Cute, but I think my Junior is better,” she said before taking to Twitter to tweet a video of her son singing the song.


Now Katy appears to have put an end to her 22-year feud with Victoria after defending her Grazia interview on Instagram.

“Victoria Beckham looks amazing,” she wrote alongside the cover photo. “Look, we girls in our 40s still have it.”

Previously, the star seemed to have ended her feud with Victoria when she opened up about her falling out with Mark Dolan on Fubar Radio.

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“I have no problems,” she insisted in 2014. “I remember years ago Pete came up to her at the Oscars and said, ‘You know, Kate has no problem’ or something, and she said, ‘That’s what it is’ .

“Honestly, I’m an adult, it was many years ago. You can’t hit her, anyone who hits her is envious.”

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