Inside the DIRTY teenage mom’s homes, from Jenelle Evans’ filthy wall to Catelyn Lowell’s plate full of piss.

TEEN Mom stars like Jenelle Evans and Catilynn Lowell have faced backlash over the years for showing fans online their dirty and unkempt homes.

Jenelle, 29, has been criticized for “dirty” walls and a sink full of dishes, as well as other alleged “riots” in her home.


Teenage mommy Jenelle Evans gets spanked multiple times over her homeCredit: Instagram / j_evans1219
She's not alone, however, as stars like Catelyn Lowell have also faced backlash.


She’s not alone, however, as stars like Catelyn Lowell have also faced backlash.1 credit

The former teen mom star was recently criticized for showing off her “dirty mirror” on the TikTok video blog, bragging about a day in her life.

Fans were quick to point out the stains on the mirror that appeared to be toothpaste.

TikTok made it to Reddit, as did many of her posts, where commentators attacked her for not washing the mirror first.

“Nobody wants your dirty mirror, dirty hoodie, dirty husband, or disgusting-looking coffee,” read one particularly harsh comment.

Another critic wrote, “She really can’t take two seconds to wipe her mirror with the windshield before shooting, ha. She would rather just call herself a shiny emoji and think it’s cute. ”

A third Reddit user intervened; “How many times have we called her about a dirty mirror in her shabby TikTok bathroom?”

Several fans defended Jenelle for her seemingly minor insult, and many said they “love” her.

Jenelle has faced backlash over the years over her videos of her home, as have several other Teen Mom stars.

Here’s the dirtiest and dirtiest take on the dirtiest homes of teen moms.


Jenelle regularly shows off her home and doesn't always bother to clean it up.


Jenelle regularly shows off her home and doesn’t always bother to clean it up.Credit: YouTube / Jenelle Eason

In addition to the backlash against her spotty mirror, Jenelle has been heavily criticized for posing in front of a mountain of plates.

She shared a video of her sweet date with husband David Ison, accidentally photographing the sink in the background.

The dishes were piled high and the fans didn’t forgive it.

Jenelle captioned the post: “Date at home with @ easondavid88” and added “#kidfree”.

The video was supposed to capture David preparing chicken wings for them, but instead captured the mess.

Reddit users staged a field day attacking Jenelle for living in a “dirty” house.

One commenter commented, “This photo made me get up and clean my kitchen thoroughly.”

Another wrote, “Every morning she has to empty the dishwasher and open the blinds,” adding, “She doesn’t have that much time.”

Jenelle’s house has been a topic of conversation on the Internet before.

Shortly before the problem with the dish, she was criticized for posting a photograph of Ansley, in the background of which a discolored wall was visible.

The photo posted on Jenelle’s Instagram story was supposed to show the bank of coins that her daughter had built.

Between the dirty wall and Ansley’s nails, the fans got a little distracted.

“She has dirty nails,” wrote one Reddit user. “These poor children.”

Another commentator wrote: “On the one hand, it’s nice that she was studied (in the kit or not, it’s SOMETHING). But on the other hand, I’m just sad to see her unkempt hair, dirty nails, a hole in the wall behind her. Save that money for Ansley and get out as soon as you can!

A third Reddit user wrote, “What’s going on with the wall in the back? I can’t tell if she wiped her children’s drawings off the walls. “

Prior to that, her filthy courtyard and living room caused discontent among fans on the network.

Jenelle showed her home in Youtube video titled “Sunday Day”.

She glanced down at her modular home, briefly complaining about a bike left in the yard.

She then led the audience inside, where they saw her living room.

Bags and clothes seemed to be strewn about the room, which Jenelle ignored, but fans couldn’t.

Viewers couldn’t deal with the clutter, and one commentator wrote that she was “so useless.”

Another wrote, “Well, you made me get off the couch and do my laundry at 745 at night.”

She was once slapped outside her yard after she shared a video showing the beer cans in a hunting tent left over from David.


Mackenzie's House Mackey has been a topic of conversation on several occasions.


Mackenzie’s House Mackey has been a topic of conversation on several occasions.Credit: Reddit

In May, Mackenzie suffered a fever in her home after a photo of her peeing in the sink surfaced online.

Fans called her “disgusting” for the photo she allegedly shared in 2013.

In an old photo, Mackenzie is sitting in the sink with his pants down.

An unoccupied toilet was visible next to her.

The photo appeared on Reddit and fans were amazed.

One confused commentator wrote, “Is this something ?? Because I’ve spent almost 14,600 days on this planet, and I’ve never urinated or shit in the sink, AND THE FUCKING TOILET IS RIGHT THERE AND FREE. “

Another commented, “Phew, ew! She’s disgusting! ”

A third Reddit user wrote, “Mackenzie is fucking crappy.”


Catelyn and Tyler continue to document their lives for fans.


Catelyn and Tyler continue to document their lives for fans.1 credit

Katilynn faced fan backlash in February 2021 after an episode of Teen Mom aired.

In the series, she used Tupperware cookware to do a pregnancy test.

Fans were shocked that she wrote in a food container.

Plus, many couldn’t believe that she would bring a container of urine to the kitchen.

One Reddit user commented, “This is disgusting.”

The second intervened: “Am I the only one who prefers to sit on the toilet and write directly on the pregnancy test so that I don’t have to carry a container of my own urine?

“Wtf – she’s next to the refrigerator!”

A third user wrote, “I wonder if she was taking Azo … My God, I hope she was taking Azo …”

Azo is a pain reliever that is used to treat urinary symptoms such as pain, burning, increased urination, and increased urge to urinate.

Jenelle sometimes hits critics on the Internet, but sometimes she picks them up by the chin.


Jenelle sometimes hits critics on the Internet, but sometimes she picks them up by the chin.Credit: YouTube / Jenelle Eason
Mackenzie doesn't respond to criticism often


Mackenzie doesn’t respond to criticism oftenCredit: Instagram / @ mackenziemckee
At the moment, the cast of Teen Mom is used to controversy.


At the moment, the cast of Teen Mom is used to controversy.1 credit
Teen mom Jenelle Evans shows dirty mirror after fans criticized her for leaving a “sink full of dishes” in her home

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