Inside Victoria Beckham’s ‘simmering’ feud with sister-in-law Nicola Peltz after fight over wedding dress

TOGETHER with her bandmates, Victoria Beckham has evoked the spirit of Girl Power for the past 25 years.

Unfortunately, her increasingly hostile feud with new sister-in-law Nicola Peltz is anything but sisterly.


Victoria Beckham’s increasingly hostile feud with new sister-in-law Nicola Peltz is anything but sisterly.1 credit
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The American actress accused Who Do You Think You Are singer Victoria of being a “ghost” of her1 credit

The couple’s relationship reached a breaking point after an American actress accused 48-year-old Who Do You Think You Are singer Victoria of “ghosting” her, according to Kristen Bell Tattoos.

In a startling new interview in which Nicola, 27, exudes thinly veiled passive aggression, she also suggests the designer broke a promise to design her wedding dress.

“Well, I was planning on wearing Victoria’s wedding dress,” she says glibly.

“I was so excited to be able to wear the clothes my future mother-in-law designed.

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“We got in touch to start designing the dress, and then a few days went by and I didn’t hear anything. Victoria called my mother and said that her atelier could not come.

“So I talked to my mom and Leslie. [her close friend and stylist Leslie Fremar], and I thought, “Well, unfortunately, this can not be, so what’s next?”. Ouch.

But, as a former buddy of hers told me, “She can act like a cow when the mood strikes.”

Throwing her mother-in-law even further under the bus, Nicola continued, “When I read things that said I never planned to wear [Victoria Beckham] dress or something like that, it hurts my feelings.”

Naturally, after reading this latest insult in the US version of Grazia magazine, Victoria is said to be “absolutely seething”.

The truth, the fashion insider insists, is that the couple did discuss the dress, but very early on, Victoria realized that it would be too much for her atelier, and politely explained that she could not make it.

Valentino, subsequently worn by Nicola, was offered “in advance”.

David, the eternal voice of reason in the Beckham household, dutifully tried to subdue his wife.

But he, too, is deeply hurt by the growing chasm in the couple’s relationship with their beloved son, whom they call “Buster.”

A source said: “Honestly, the most interesting thing about Nicola is that she married a member of the Beckham clan.

“David and Victoria reached out to her to try to reconcile and find a way to get along.

“Nicola seems to be spreading this confusing false story about this bloodied dress.

“Victoria wonders why she continues to stir up hostility rumors and not refute them.

“One “like” on Instagram is enough for this – this is the number one PR route.

“David and Victoria would love to spend more time with their son and his wife and be able to welcome her into their ranks, especially since Brooklyn practically lives with her husband’s parents.

Brooklyn met actress Nikola at Coachella in 2017.


Brooklyn met actress Nikola at Coachella in 2017.1 credit
David dutifully tried to calm his wife down over the feud.


David dutifully tried to calm his wife down over the feud.1 credit

“Brooklyn is a very sweet kid, but his relationship with his parents is changing.

“He used to talk and text with them daily, now it’s more like a weekly occurrence.

“The other problem is Nicola’s family, very close-knit and quite controlling.

“Peltz and Beckham have never seen eye to eye, and lately things have gotten even worse.

“Nelson and Claudia, Nicola’s relatives, don’t have time for the Beckhams’ celebrity lifestyle, and from the outside, there seems to be a bit of inverted snobbery in them.

“This is a very sad situation, but it is clear that Victoria and David will always be there for their son and hope that things will calm down in time.

“Although under the current circumstances it would be something of a Christmas miracle if things were sorted out by the end of the year.”

Since 23-year-old Brooklyn, an aspiring chef, tied the knot with Transformers actress Nicole in April, relations between the two families have taken a turn for the worse.

Brooklyn used to talk and write to his parents on a daily basis, but now it's more of a weekly occurrence.


Brooklyn used to talk and write to his parents on a daily basis, but now it’s more of a weekly occurrence.Credit: 3
Nelson, Nicola's father, reportedly doesn't have time for the Beckhams' stellar lifestyle.


Nelson, Nicola’s father, reportedly doesn’t have time for the Beckhams’ stellar lifestyle.Credit: INSTAGRAM/NIKOLA PELTZ

Victoria and Nicola have reportedly stopped liking or commenting on each other’s Instagram posts.

Which for two women with a combined audience of 33 million subscribers (of course, VB boasts 30 million of them) is saying a lot.

They had not been seen together since an evening in Italy in July, while Brooklyn and Nicola turned down an invitation from the Beckhams to spend the summer aboard their new £5 million yacht.

Instead, the loving couple, who were teased during their wedding speeches about their free PDAs, decided to spend their vacation on the superyacht Peltz.

Lucky Brooklyn, who has 70 out of 100 tattoos dedicated to Nicola, is in a quandary. (Well, as miserable as a handsome, multi-millionaire, 20-year-old offspring of a world famous couple can be.)

But like millions of men before him, he seems to be on the side of his new fiancée, who previously dated pop star Justin Bieber, and her billionaire family.

Increasingly henpecked, he chimed in on his wife’s cover interview, explaining, “My wife is obviously my top priority and I never want to see her upset.

Last month, Brooklyn and Nicola wore matching pink bubblegum outfits to a presentation of strawberry ice cream from American retailer Wendy's.


Last month, Brooklyn and Nicola wore matching pink bubblegum outfits to a presentation of strawberry ice cream from American retailer Wendy’s.Credit: Getty Images – Getty
70 out of 100 Brooklyn tattoos are dedicated to his wife Nicola.


70 out of 100 Brooklyn tattoos are dedicated to his wife Nicola.1 credit

“We support each other 100 percent and we just move on together.”

Words that must have pierced Victoria and David to the core.

Last month, Brooklyn and Nicola wore matching bubblegum pink outfits to attend the presentation of Wendy’s strawberry ice cream.

Nelson Peltz’s firm is the largest shareholder in the burger chain, which may explain Brooklyn’s sudden icy enthusiasm.

“It all seems a bit undignified that super-cool Brooklyn, who can earn hundreds of thousands for brand endorsements, happily poses with an ice-cold drink,” one commenter quipped.

“But what Nikola wants, Nikola gets, and obviously Brooklyn is smitten.

“Nikola has a rather difficult reputation. She is presumably the “mean girl” of Bella Thorne’s rant about an obnoxious female star.

“Of course, she is a talented woman, and it’s great that she is ambitious and purposeful.

“But there is a difference between drive and right, and that’s something that may have been questioned.

“The Peltz also have a reputation for being protective, so it’s perhaps unsurprising that Brooklyn, who is completely unsophisticated, was drawn into this.”

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Victoria is said to be “absolutely seething” during Nikola’s Grazia interview.1 credit

Stunning Nicola does not hide who is pulling the strings in their relationship.

On the night of her wedding, she bought a matching Dior pantsuit, which according to Vogue was “just in case anyone wonders who wore the pants in the relationship.”

I don’t think anyone has any doubts, Nicola.

The night itself did not go quite according to plan.

It has since been revealed that during a three-day celebration at the sprawling £76 million Peltz estate in Florida, which was roamed by peacocks, Nicola burst into tears and at one point “ran away”.

American singer Marc Anthony was invited to perform at the first dance of the newlyweds, but ended up performing the song You Sang To Me, dedicating it to Victoria and Brooklyn.

As mother and son danced, perhaps a little inappropriately, Nicola reportedly burst into tears at the stares she received at her own wedding.

Later there was a performance by the singer, which was described as “quite simply an ode to Victoria”.

To make matters worse, earlier in the day, a rabbi mistakenly called Brooklyn “David” twice when the couple exchanged vows.

In fairness, few people can accuse Nikola of being furious.

The quartet’s momentum has plummeted since Brooklyn and Nicola first met at Coachella in 2017 and then announced their engagement.

Nicola posed for photos in a canary yellow Victoria Beckham dress, and the designer duly wrote an enthusiastic Instagram greeting, exclaiming, “THE MOST exciting news! We couldn’t be happier. I wish you so much love and happiness for life. We all love you both so much, x.”

The source added: “Every family has its problems and the Beckhams are no exception.

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“Ultimately, they just want their son to be happy and will do everything in their power to make that happen and get along with their wife.

“Look at this space.”

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