Intense boat fight over deadliest catch that angered fans

Imagine that you are going to work in the office. You make a simple mistake, but it’s easy to fix, and one of your colleagues pushes you into a wall.

This is basically what happened in this episode of Deadly Catch where Greenhorn (an inexperienced crew member) is a bit off his game during this particular expedition. All the while he is trying to push the pots into the water, he is yelled at by some of the other sailors, causing one of them to land several hits and push him.

From YouTube clip comments, it is clear that most people in this case are on the side of Greenhorn, especially considering that a more experienced sailor should lead by example and be better than this. One user wrote: “Experienced guys act like babies and take it out on the Greenhorn. A shame”. Others were quick to place much of the blame on the captain, as he should be in control of his crew. “I like how these [Greenhorns] they are treated like shit and the lazy captain sits on his ass in the driver’s seat and keeps pushing them harder,” someone else said.

Luckily, the fight ended as quickly as it started and no one was seriously hurt. But it shows how serious things can be when you’re crabbing.

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