Interceptor: Netflix blockbuster about Elsa Pataky panned by critics

Chris Hemsworth’s wife Elsa Pataky’s new big Netflix blockbuster The Interceptor has been hailed by critics as a disaster.

Australian writer-turned-filmmaker Matthew Reilly fulfilled a childhood dream this week with his spectacular Hollywood debut. Interceptor officially released to the world.

However, the turbocharged guns and missiles film was quickly panned by critics, with many laughing at its convoluted plot and over-reliance on CGI to save budget, quickly turning what should have been a milestone of the week into nightmare stuff for the writer.

Starring Spanish actress Elsa Pataky (including a cameo role as husband Chris Hemsworth) and Australian handsome Luke Bracey. The film follows the exploits of soldier JJ Collins (Pataki) as she tries to deflect a series of nuclear missiles launched in Tampa and captured by a rogue American. terrorists.

Reilly, who has developed a cult sequel to his breathtaking action films, including ice station, Scarecrow as well as Seven Ancient Wonders – teased fans with a potential foray into the screenwriter for almost a decade, and announced the film with great fanfare.

However, movie lovers are far from convinced that this was the right move by the author.

The newspaper “New York Times led a critical lynching, comparing the film to The Onion’s parody interview with a hyperactive 5-year-old screenwriter..

“Fun is not always contagious,” the review says.

“Confrontation Interceptor feels tight. You might not mind the apocalypse if it meant a change of scene.”

New York Post were much more blunt in their assessment of the film, citing it as the reason “users are turning away from Netflix en masse”.

“Ten dollars … can buy (subscribers) a reliable cold beer treat or two feet for $5 at Subway instead of a subscription to a streaming service that has become a constant competition to make the world’s worst movie,” they wrote. , marking the set as “terrible”.

Throwing one person in a room for a while saves money (this thing cost a few pennies and pocket lint) and the story’s natural isolation has allowed the studio to continue churning out hack work during the pandemic.

“This is the first film directed by Matthew Reilly. If I were him, I would consider taking it off my resume.”

TSB RF added that the film is “full of plot twists, unconvincing dialogue and wobbly acting.”

Interceptor is the kind of action movie in which the characters mention the possibility that events will happen seconds before they actually happen,” they write.

“Dialogue relies heavily on either clumsy, unnecessary exposition or cheesy one-liners.

“Hundreds of millions of lives are allegedly at stake, but Interceptor does not meet these rates.

Despite early criticism, the film currently holds a 70 percent rating on the review aggregation website. Rotten tomatoes.

With a budget of just $15 million (cheap as chips for an extravagant action movie), Riley will no doubt be sweating over the film’s opening weekend release.

Interceptor currently streaming on Netflix if you’d like to make your own decision.

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