Ioan Griffith received a three-year restraining order against ex-wife Alice Evans after she criticized him online

ACTOR Ioan Griffith received a three-year restraining order against his ex-wife Alice Evans.

The star of the hit drama Liar also banned his ex from mentioning him on social media after she criticized him online.


Yoan received a three-year restraining order against his exCredit: Getty – Contributor
Alice was also banned from mentioning her ex-husband online.


Alice was also banned from mentioning her ex-husband online.1 credit

Ioan, 48, is trying to stop alleged verbal attacks from the mother of his two children, whom he separated from last March.

Having previously won a temporary injunction against Alice, 54, the judge placed tighter restrictions on the actress after she leaked text messages he sent to their children.

He claimed that Alice used her social media accounts to “continue to harass, threaten and disturb the peace.”

Ioan appeared in court in Los Angeles to testify to the enforcement of an injunction against domestic violence.

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New court documents show Alice was banned from posting on social media, “including but not limited to Instagram and Twitter accounts that are derogatory or offensive.” [Ioan] or other protected person.

She must not contact his employer or make disparaging statements about him to his employers.

His girlfriend Bianca Wallace is also listed in the documents.

Ioan and Alice broke up in 2021 and have been embroiled in a public war of words ever since.

He claimed last month that he was the victim of abuse in their marriage, including being insulted by comments about his appearance.

He says Alice made derogatory comments about his hair loss and said he had “droopy vagina eyes”.

In the documents, Ioan claimed that Alice tried to end contact between him and his daughters and said he wanted the girls to attend face-to-face counseling and “reunion” therapy with him via Zoom before mediating the custody order.

Commenting in documents on his 14-year relationship with Alice, Ioan said: “Alice often made fun of my appearance, commenting on hair loss and saying that I had a ‘saggy vagina’.”

He went on to state that Alice “did serious emotional harm to Ella and Elsie with her statements and interference with my relationship with them.”

Yoan also said he hadn’t seen the girls in person for almost a year, adding: “I left for France for work on July 31, 2021.

“Because of Alice’s actions, I have not had time in custody with the girls since then. It’s destructive.”

After their split in March last year, Ioan moved on to 30-year-old Bianca.

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Alice said she had done nothing to offend Ioan and said she “had no idea” what he was accusing her of.

In a statement, she said: “I did not beat, attack, threaten, attack, harass, stalk, harass, destroy personal property, keep under surveillance, impersonate another person, block the movement, irritated by phone or electronic means repeated contact or disturbed the peace of John or Bianchi.

Former couple in happier times


Former couple in happier times1 credit
Ioan is now with Australian actress Bianca Wallace.


Ioan is now with Australian actress Bianca Wallace.Credit: ioangruffudd/Instagram

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